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What are the benefits of working with Portland State University for Professional Development?
  • Portland State University is a nationally recognized urban university with academic accreditation, which assures quality instruction. You have access to 600 University faculty, over 100 top business practitioners who share their knowledge through teaching, and the broadest range of subject matter to meet your training needs.
  • The Center for Executive and Professional Education has been meeting training needs for over 25 years. Our programs are designed to blend traditional theory with cutting-edge best practices; we use follow-up, feedback, and continuous monitoring of programs to assure fresh instruction. Our academic accreditation requires that we provide the community with quality education, and we work to uphold this standard value to employers and employees.
  • The University's professional development programs and onsite training provide documentation of professional-skills growth to strengthen résumés and prepare for career advancement.
    A training relationship with PSU features access to the Branford Millar Library, housing over 1 million bound volumes, and PORTALS, an online service that combines the resources of academic, public, and private libraries in the Pacific Northwest.