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BV153 Culture and Business Communication

Certificate Track: Business Communication

The ability to communicate and manage conflict across cultural differences are key skills that you will need in the 21st century to proactively lead and work effectively. Cultural competence, is not something that is developed overnight. This course introduces you to this important skill set and how to implement it in the workplace. Studies show that managers and employees who have cultural competence have a higher degree of success and less stress than those who do not possess these skills.

In this highly interactive and experimental workshop, you will learn the importance of understanding how our own cultural background affects the way we think, act and react. We will learn how to recognize when our values are at play and how they affect the way we handle workplace interactions.

What You Cover 

  • Definitions, concepts and the "so what" of diversity and inclusion
  • The visible and invisible parts of culture and how they relate to bias and stereotypes
  • Understand different intercultural dimensions of time and space and how they affect the way we work

How You Benefit

  • How to apply the characteristics of culturally competent people by using a tool called the 3A's™ as a way to resolve differences
  • Learn concepts that affect our biases that automatically prevent us from acting inclusively
  • How to understand the importance of non-verbal cues and other forms of non-western communication styles
  • Learn the results from self evaluation survey that creates awareness of barriers

Cost: $449
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor Profile: Lillian Tsai
Lilian Tsai Culture and Business Communication Business Communications Portland State Univeristy Center for Executive and Professional Education

Lillian A. Tsai, has been working with a plethora of organizations from government, non-profit to global corporations on cross-cultural competency and communications, and diversity & inclusion (D&I) since 2005. This includes: 

  • Assessments and gap analysis of organizational effectiveness as it relates to cultural competence and/or diversity/inclusion. 
  • Design and facilitation of cross-cultural communications, cultural competence or diversity and inclusion training programs across departments and within teams (team interventions).
  • Keynote speaker on topics related to diverse workforce, global communications and/or cultural competence. 
  • Coaching of executives and managers who lead diverse work teams. 
  • 1:1 coaching of foreign- and U.S.-born persons of color. 
  • Culture and business workshops for Working with Asians, China, Malaysia or Singapore.
  • Making recommendations for and the implementation of strategic Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and/or diversity & inclusion councils.

  • Notes: Electronic course materials will be made available prior to the start date of the course.

    Interested in bringing this program onsite to your organization? Please contact Melissa Endicott.

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