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BA112 Creating Strong Recommendations

Certificate Track: Business Analysis

Creating strong recommendations involves identifying a business need, problem, or opportunity, defining the nature of a solution that meets that need, and justifying the investment necessary to deliver that solution. Typically, this is contained in a business case that provides decision makers the context and information they need to evaluate the benefit of the investment.  Participants learn how to write a business case after conducting the proper investigations.  They will be able to fully understand the business problem and opportunity, assess the capabilities of the enterprise to carry out specific change, determine the most feasible business solution approach, define the scope of the solution, and prepare a document that concisely presents their findings.

This course also covers how to identify assumptions and constraints and prioritize requirements, and how to model both the current and proposed states of the organization. Using this model and the business case, participants learn how to validate and verify their proposed solution with stakeholders.

What You Cover

  • Write a business case
  • Describe the business need
  • List required capabilities
  • Select a solution approach
  • Define the solution scope
  • List assumptions and constraints
  • Structure requirements
  • Prioritize, validate, and verify requirements
  • Determine stakeholder or solution requirements

How You Benefit

  • What is the business need?
  • How do you assess the current capabilities of the enterprise and identify the gaps that prevent it from meeting business needs and achieving desired outcomes?
  • How do you create a solution approach that describes the general approach that will be taken to create or acquire the new capabilities required to meet the business need?
  • How do you define what must be delivered from a solution in order to meet the business need?
  • How do you prepare a business case to describe the justification for a project in terms of the value to be added to the business as a result of the deployed solution as compared to the cost to develop and operate the solution?
  • How do you prioritize requirements to ensure that analysis and implementation efforts are for the most critical requirements?
  • How do you create an organized structure for the requirements and a documented set of relationships between them?
  • How do you specify and model the requirements?
  • How do you define assumptions and constraints – factors other than requirements that may affect which solutions are viable?
  • How do you validate requirements to ensure that all requirements support the delivery of value to the business?

Cost: $529
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Instructor: Ron Sarazin

Ron Sarazin Business Analysis Certificate Portland State University Center for Executive & Professional Education CEPE School of Business AdministrationRon Sarazin is president of Olympic Performance, Inc., a consulting company, and CEO of Process Path, Inc., a software company. He holds a BS in industrial engineering from Oregon State University and completed advanced training at the University of Idaho and Stanford University. Mr. Sarazin has held leadership positions with ALCOA, PACCAR, PGE, and Mutual Health Systems, Inc. He is an accomplished author and trainer, and his most recent publication, Action with Traction, is available on Amazon. Mr. Sarazin has been active in his profession and the community, and is a youth soccer coach.

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s)
Business Analysis

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