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Construction Contracting

All levels of government are continually entering into contracts for various types of construction projects. This includes Federal, state and local agencies that build and renovate everything from commercial office buildings to major highways. The Certificate in Construction Contracting program covers all facets of the public bidding and contract award process.

Are you a procurement professional looking to enhance your knowledge of construction contracting? Are you a prime or subcontractor that desires to learn more about how the government awards and manages its contracts? Are you a project manager that seeks to work more effectively with your procurement team?  By the end of the program you will possess specific knowledge about the construction contracting industry and be better able to play a key role in the process.  

Our certificate is broken up into four distinct courses:
  • Introduction to Construction Contracting: An overview of the public sector construction contracting process that covers generally accepted practices in competitive bidding, as well as the regulations that apply to construction contracts.
  • Contracting for Design Services: Architectural and engineering (A/E) services are essential for a successful construction project. The role of the A/E will be covered, along with the value-based selection processes used for awarding design contracts.
  • Construction Contracting Tools: Most public agencies employ a traditional design-bid-build approach to their construction contracts. Case studies and tools will be offered that can greatly assist in navigating through a successful project that is on-time and on-budget.
  • Alternative Construction Methods: Design-build, construction manager-general contractor (CM/GC) and public-private partnerships (PPP) are some of the alternative methods used for large or complex projects. Often these are tied to programs and policies that promote the use of minority, women and emerging small businesses (MWESB).

The Certificate in Construction Contracting program is designed for individuals working in or interested in the public construction contracting arena. This includes procurement and contracting professionals, prime contractors and subcontractors, as well as project managers and engineers. The program consists of four courses that cover all aspects of the public construction contracting process, including competitive bidding, contract administration, and program management. Contracts for both design and construction will be discussed, along with small business programs that are unique to Oregon. So no matter what your role is in the construction contracting process, this program is for you.

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Courses can be taken individually or can be applied to a certificate within a three-year limit. Our courses and certificates are continually updated to bring you the most current and progressive information, tools and perspectives. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken to qualify for certificate completion.