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CC402: Contracting for Design Services

Certificate Program: Construction Contracting

This online course offers an introduction the world of contracting for architectural and engineering (A/E) services. Since design is such a key part of a successful construction project, the importance of the A/E’s role will be stressed throughout the class. Selection methods will be discussed, such as evaluating qualifications rather than cost. Negotiation of the design contract will be addressed, as it will determine the breadth of services provided by the A/E throughout the entire contract life cycle. For complex projects there will likely be several design firms working together, so appropriate methods for collaboration will also be covered.

What You Cover

  • The role of the A/E in the contracting process
  • Value-based selection methods, including Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)
  • The phases of the design process
  • Negotiating the design contract
  • The use of design partners and sub-consultants
  • Change order management and cost control

How You Benefit

  • Discover the key role that the A/E plays in the public contracting process
  • Understand the laws that apply to A/E selection and what approaches are allowable
  • Learn how to apply project management techniques to your A/E contract
  • Learn the nuances of negotiating the best deal possible for your design services

Cost: $449
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor: Elizabeth Gibson
Elizabeth Gibson has a background as a senior project manager in the high-tech industry and has also operated her own construction contracting business in the Portland area. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Engineering Technology Management at PSU. Elizabeth has over twenty years of teaching experience at Portland Community College, Northwest College of Construction, and University of Phoenix.

Instructor: Darin Matthews
Darin Matthews has nearly 25 years of contracting experience in both the public and private sectors. He is currently the director of procurement for the University of California, Santa Cruz. Darin has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Masters in Acquisition Management. He speaks on contracting and procurement issues around the world and has published several articles and books on supply chain management. He has served as business faculty for PSU and Florida Atlantic University, and has taught construction contracting for the Institute for Public Procurement for over 10 years.

The Certificate in Construction Contracting is focused primarily on methods used in Oregon and Washington, but these are consistent with practices in other parts of the US. Experience in the public construction process is helpful for this program, but it is not required.

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