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Business Communication


SPHR approved provider PHR GPHRAre you required to deliver client presentations, write contracts, lengthy documents or detailed emails? Do you work with virtual teams where you have to communicate with colleagues that are offsite or international? With increased global competition and economic challenges, organizations are looking for employees with agile communication skills in order to help expand their business into new arenas. Do you have what it takes to meet those needs?

Business communication is an integral part of professional development and the necessary skills are changing as quickly as the marketplace. With increased digital communications there is a growing need for skill versatility. Video conferencing, telecommunications, real-time analysis, cloud computing, and mobile solutions are the norm for businesses today - don't get left behind. Our four course certificate is structured to help you develop the core skills necessary for today's communication needs. 

 All of the Business Communication courses are worth HRCI credit.

  • Professional Writing: This course will equip students with the skills and tools they need to be effective and strategic business writers. We will cover basic elements that underscore all good business writing, with a special emphasis on brevity and clarity. 
  • Effective Presentation Skills for Business Professionals: Can you lead a meeting with poise and fearlessness? Can you speak your mind succinctly when your judgment matters most? Gain the competence and confidence to present yourself as a sophisticated professional in a hands-on and supportive environment.
  • Culture and Business Communication: Regardless of your profession, cultural differences in the workplace are inevitable. Learn the most effective communication skills to utilize as you work through sensitive matters with colleagues and supervisors. Whether the challenge is cultural biases, differences in experience, or just better understanding non-verbal cues; these invaluable skills will better prepare you for leadership roles.
  • Communication for Leaders: A good leader knows having optimal communication skills doesn't just mean being able to explain complex projects or trouble-shoot crises. It also means being a good listener. Understand the true art of effective communication and how these well-balanced skills can help produce successful results for your team.

According to Dan Schwabel, founder of Millennial Branding, 98% of employers consider communication skills to be essential. This includes the ability to write, compose emails, give presentations, and have conversations with multiple generations. Communication skills are one of the most important factors in choosing managers. Keep up with the evolving workplace and advance your business communication skills to take your career to the next level.


Interested in bringing this program Onsite to your organization? Contact Kristen Pedersen for details.

Courses can be taken individually or can be applied to a certificate within a three-year limit. Our courses and certificates are continually updated to bring you the most current and progressive information, tools and perspectives. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken to qualify for certificate completion.