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AO403 Athletic and Outdoor Material Sourcing

Certificate Track: Athletic and Outdoor Product Management

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Choosing the right materials for a product is one of the most crucial decisions in designing performance gear. It is important to balance this decision from a cost perspective as well as a branding and functional perspective. Company representatives from both a manufacturer and retailer perspective should also be educated in materials to be able to articulate the benefits of one product over another. In this Material Sourcing course, you will examine the importance of materials planning and proper sourcing, and consider questions such as:

  • Which materials are hardest to source?
  • How do materials impact your costs and product price points?
  • What are the lead times within materials planning? 

    Because the A&O industry exists in a global market, the course will investigate how and why to source materials internationally, and how companies deal with importing materials. The instructors will also provide insights on successful negotiation strategies, as well as contract and compliance issues for international and domestic sourcing.

  • Coursework includes lecture and small-group work in class, and selected readings and case studies to be completed outside of class.

    What You Cover
    • International sourcing techniques and importing issues
    • Price, cost uncertainty, and contract negotiations
    • Inventory control and storage
    • Compliance issues
    • Cost of materials versus functional demands
    • How material decisions align (or not) with a brand's image

    Cost: $435
    Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

    Instructor: Austin Davidsen

    Austin Davidsen Portland State University Center for Executive and Professional Education CEPE Athletic and Outdoor Product Management
    Austin Davidsen is a Sales Manager for SRL, a full-grain leather tannery, in Shanghai. He works with an international team to design, market, and present world-class leathers to decision makers across the footwear industry. He helps manage supplier relationships with brands to make sure materials are delivered on time, and to specification. Austin stumbled into the footwear industry after a few years teaching elementary students in the US and South Korea. He holds a master's degree in International Management from PSU, and B.S. in Education from the University of Maryland.