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Athletic and Outdoor Product Management

Are you looking to develop a new product in the athletic and outdoor industry but aren’t aware of the changing competitive landscape? Need to grow your business perspective beyond product design, into marketing, sales, and merchandising? Looking to take your customer service and retail management career to the next level in the athletic and outdoor industry? Our innovative Athletic and Outdoor Product Management program focuses on the skills necessary to thrive in this competitive marketplace. From product planning and sourcing to branding and merchandising, this certificate will help you leap ahead of the competition to become a highly desirable ejoin athletic and outdoor newslettermployee in the field. 

As popularity and demand grow in outdoor technical apparel and merchandise, highly skilled product managers are needed to fuel the local and international economies. The CEPE program includes five courses designed to give you the necessary business and technical skills to thrive in the Athletic and Outdoor industry.The courses will be offered twice a year. Click the course titles for course descriptions and to register. We recommend you take the courses in the order listed below:

5 Required Certificate Courses:

  • Introduction to the Athletic and Outdoor Industry: Learn the fundamental challenges, pain points, and innovations of the industry. Obtain a full perspective of the ins-and-outs of product management, sustainability initiatives and the relationship between manufacturers and retailers that is specific to athletic and outdoors.
  • Athletic and Outdoor Product Planning:  Study the product planning process from product to end consumer. Learn techniques that will help you research the competitive and consumer landscape, understand compliance issues around importing and exporting materials, and break down the complexities of quality control challenges.
  • Athletic and Outdoor Material Sourcing: Knowledge of materials and textiles is imperative to your success. Gain an international industry perspective on sourcing, cost and budgeting and compliance while balancing the functional demands of the product. These understandings are imperative for both the manufacturer and retailer sides of the athletic and outdoor industry.
  • Athletic and Outdoor Merchandising Management: Determining which products will sell is one of the most challenging jobs for the retailer. As a product manager it will be your job to understand fashion, trends, and demands in the industry. Learn to analyze and strategize around inventory, merchandising techniques and distribution challenges.
  • Athletic and Outdoor Branding and Positioning: Building brand equity is vital to success. Learn creative advertising development, sales planning and positioning strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Certificate Cost: $2175
Discounts may apply

There’s no better place to get your Athletic and Outdoor education than Portland, OR, which prides itself as a mecca for some of the world’s most successful athletic apparel companies: Nike, Adidas, Columbia, KEEN. Oregon employs more than 14,000 professionals in the outdoor recreation industry. Register for this certificate today to take the next step in expanding your athletic and outdoor career.

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Courses can be taken individually or can be applied to a certificate within a three-year limit. Our courses and certificates are continually updated to bring you the most current and progressive information, tools and perspectives. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken to qualify for certificate completion.