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Trauma-Informed Services Certificate of Completion

This program is a series of workshops designed to increase skills in providing services to clients and organizations affected by trauma. The target audience includes staff at all levels of mental health, addictions, corrections, domestic violence, educational and other human service organizations. By participating in this program, peer mentors, case managers, clinicians, policy makers, and administrators will benefit from increasing skills and awareness of necessary core competencies in trauma-informed service provision and administration.

Infused throughout the curriculum are the core values of:

  • Facilitating recovery and hope
  • Universal precaution with the effects of trauma
  • Awareness and acceptance of diversity
  • Clinician self-understanding and care
  • Access for students with a variety of educational backgrounds

This program consists of nine days of workshops in core subject areas, including the foundations of trauma informed treatment, trauma informed services across the lifespan and with diverse populations, the interpersonal neurobiology of trauma, organizational resilience, vicarious traumatization and self care, and suicide prevention and intervention (see program schedule). Additional core training in crisis intervention is also offered along with electives in several complementary subject areas. Workshops may be taken individually or added together for the 12 days required to complete the certificate program. To request a certificate of completion, click here.

What is a Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of Completion are awarded to all students who successfully complete a series of linked courses with a defined focus. The certificate distributed upon completion of the identified courses reflects the total number of credits earned (graduate or undergraduate). These certificates of completion have been approved by the appropriate department(s). The individual courses will appear on your PSU transcript. The title of the certificate of completion will not. This series of courses is not eligible for federal financial aid unless taken as part of a degree program.