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Training and Development Certificates of Completion

What is a Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of Completion are awarded to all students who successfully complete a series of linked courses with a defined focus. The certificate distributed upon completion of the identified courses reflects the total number of credits earned (graduate or undergraduate). These certificates of completion have been approved by the appropriate department(s). The individual courses will appear on your PSU transcript. The title of the certificate of completion will not. This series of courses is not eligible for federal financial aid unless taken as part of a degree program.

Each program begins with Principles of Training and Development and ends with Contemporary Issues in Training and Development or Culminating Project: Training & Development. The remaining courses can be taken in any order. Courses are 3-4 credits. Any of the courses can be taken individually after Principles of Training and Development. 

Formal admission to PSU is not required to work on a Certificate of Completion. Courses can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit. For formal admission to the Graduate Certificate in Training and Development, contact Tracy Williams-Murphy, Program Manager.

Choice of Four Certificates of Completion

  • Principles of Training and Development 
  • Course Design & Evaluation
  • Training Methods 
  • Developing Training Materials 
Online Training
  • Designing E-Learning* 
  • Developing E-Learning** 
Management of Training 
  • Leadership of the Training Function
  • Organizational Development in Workplace Learning
Intercultural Training 
  • Developing Intercultural Competence for Trainers
  • Methods & Models of Intercultural Training
  • Contemporary Issues in Training and Development (Classroom option)  
  • Culminating Project: Training & Development (Distance option)

*Previously Instructional Design for Online Training
**Previously Building Online Training

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Principles of Training & Development is the recommended prerequisite for the remaining courses in the program. 
  • Students should take three courses in the T&D series BEFORE they take the Contemporary Issues in Training & Development OR the Culminating Project courses.
  • When possible, students should take the Designing eLearning course BEFORE the Developing eLearning course.

These prerequisites are recommended for the benefit of the students; in order ensure the student’s success in the courses. Please contact Tracy Williams-Murphy, Program Manager, if you have any questions:


Click here to request your certificate of completion.


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Course materials

Several Training and Development courses also have course materials that are comprised of copyright-cleared reading packets, and/or assessment instruments, or purchased training materials. The fees for these materials are added on top of regular tuition and collected at the time of registration. The materials are handed out on the first day of class or during the term. These materials do NOT replace textbooks. Textbooks are required for the classes in addition to the course material packets.