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Social Services Competency Based Training (SSCBT) Certificate of Completion - Student Resources

Welcome to the SSCBT student resource page. Below you will find links to resources and materials that will be helpful to you as you go through the SSCBT program.

SSCBT student Listserv
As an SSCBT student, you can sign up for the SSCBT student Listserv and have e-mail connection with other students currently in SSCBT, as well as with the instructor. This is a forum for you to ask questions, and share ideas and experiences with other SSCBT students. Sign up for the SSCBT student Listserv

Class resources
Below are links to materials that will be helpful in your portfolio work and individual study.

Selected Course Readings
The following articles include some required readings for the SSCBT portfolio assignments. You may download and print these articles to complete your assignments.

"Supervision in the Public Service"pdf—For use in Module 2 (Functional Area 2—Self Development; Functional Area 3—Decision Making; Functional Area 5—Incentives and Rewards)

"Political Advocacy- The Ten Minute Version"pdf—Supplement to Module 2 (Advocacy)

"How to Make Sure Your Representative Represents You"pdf—Supplement to Module 2 (Advocacy)

"Erikson's Eight Ages of Man"pdf—For use in Module 3 (Functional Area 6—Stages of Development)