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Social Services Competency Based Training (SSCBT) Certificate of Completion - Field Mentoring

Field mentoring is an essential part of the competency development and assessment process in SSCBT. Field mentors provide client contact observations and debriefing, and phone consultation with SSCBT interns regarding their work with clients, and the application of the competencies and indicators from the curriculum. This feedback is intended to assist interns in accurately evaluating their own strengths and areas for growth as it relates to their professional development.

The ideal field mentor applicant should have either a MSW or MA in human services, a BA in human services, or an SSCBT credential and relevant experience in delivering social services. Mentors usually work with one-three interns, depending on their availability.

Preparation of new field mentors

All new field mentors will receive the SSCBT Field Mentor Training and they can also attend SSCBT classes at no charge. Upon sending in a Field Mentor application and resume, accepted mentors will be matched with interns and contacted about their assignments and training dates. Field mentor training focuses on strategies and skills for facilitating and individualizing student learning using a strengths perspective, observing and providing feedback, increasing familiarity with the SSCBT competencies, and handling contingencies and challenges in the mentoring process.

The following links provide more details regarding field mentor tasks and qualifications, and applying to be an SSCBT field mentor: