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Secrets of Effective Supervision

"No single factor more clearly predicts the productivity of an employee
than his or her relationship with his or her supervisor."

—From The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time,
Is the Key to High Performance
by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

The Early Childhood Training Center offers a two-part, professional development series designed to help you become a more effective supervisor, specialist, manager or leader in your program. Supervision topics and skills are presented cumulatively over four days through presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice.

This supervision training allows participants to:

  • Explore elements of an effective supervisory relationship
  • Develop, practice, and refine essential skills
  • Cultivate capacity to deal with challenging situations
  • Increase ability to motivate staff
  • Expand reflective approaches and increase self-awareness
  • Examine successful leadership attitudes and behaviors

One size doesn't fit all

We recognize that each individual participating in the series comes with different experience and varied supervisory strengths and skills. Participants are encouraged to implement and practice those series skills and approaches which best address their unique needs as supervisors.

Read an article about reflective supervision from

Secrets of Effective Supervision Overview

Part 1 - two days Part 2 - two days
Purpose and possibilities of supervision
Prepare for inevitable challenges and enhance your influence
Primary assumptions
People want to be well supervised.
Supervision can be mutually satisfying.
Primary assumptions
Being nice, consistent, clear, and supportive doesn't guarantee it will always go well.
Sample skills
Inqury skills
Matching styles and approaches
Goal setting
Sample skills
Effective corrective action Addressing burnout
Generating creativity and building morale
Clarifying hiring priorities

This series can be taken for college credit. Delivery of the series can be individualized to meet the scheduling needs of your program. Email Chuck to arrange training for your organization.