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Registration (credit)


Credit registration (undergraduate/graduate)

I’m a first-time PSU student

  1. Create your student account. To establish your PSU student account, visit and complete the account generation form. You will be charged a one time $25 fee, plus $2 for processing, payable online by VISA or MasterCard.
  2. PSU Odin Account Manager (OAM) system. Upon creation of your student account, navigate to Once you have finished the OAM process all of your PSU accounts will be synchronized on the PSU portal (myPSU), so that you can obtain grades, make payments, register for other non-cooperative classes and use your PSU email. Make sure to either designate a preferred email or forward your email address if you do not plan to check it regularly. Bills and other university communication will be sent to the preferred address on file.
  3. Register for your course. Use the schedule below to view your available registration process options.

I’m a returning PSU student

If it has been more than six months since your last course or you have forgotten your PSU login information, follow steps 1-2, otherwise skip directly to step 3.

  1. Go to and click the 'Forgot your password' button. Using either you PSU ID number or ODIN username, follow the steps on the next screen to retrieve a new password. This process will refresh your student registration account and allow you to access Banweb. If you do not remember your PSU ID or username, contact CEED at 503-725-8279 or PSU admissions at 503-725-3511.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes and then login to using your new credentials from step 1.
  3. Register for your course. Use the schedule below to view your available registration process options.

Winter term registration schedule

Nov 13 - Start date of class* Nov 13 - Jan 10
Complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED. Register online or complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED.

Spring term registration schedule

Feb 15 - Start date of class* Feb 15 - Apr 3
Complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED. Register online or complete a paper registration form and mail, email, or fax to CEED.

* Students who are taking cooperative classes may complete and submit their forms after the start of class.


PSU accepts credit registration payment in the form of check, money order, credit card, and e-check with the following associated fees:

  • e-check - $0 fee. Online setup required during payment process **recommended**
  • Check/money order - $0 fee when mailed with registration
  • Mastercard/American Express/Visa – 2.75% of total registration amount

Mail checks to the following address, please include your PSU ID number in the memo section:

Portland State University
Student Accounts
PO Box 908
Portland OR 97207

Need help with credit registration?
Email or call 503-725-4825

Non-admitted students may take up to 8 credits in each of fall, winter, and spring terms; and up to 21 in summer. Admitted graduate students are limited to a maximum of 16 credits in each of all four terms, unless otherwise approved. All university policies apply.

Withdrawal, drop, and cancellation policy

Credit Courses

Notification of withdrawal or drop may be made by phone, in writing, in person, or directly at or Requests for credit course refunds are required in writing. Refund amount is determined by the postmarked date on the written drop notification or at the time of the in-person drop, based on the schedule below. The schedule applies to courses following the term schedule; however, for courses held for a shorter duration or later in the quarter, the refund schedule is applied on a prorated basis.

Withdraw date Refund
Class cancellation 100%
Prior to second class meeting 100%
Prior to third class meeting 70%
Prior to fourth class meeting 40%
Prior to fifth class meeting 20%

Classes in Continuing Education are offered on a self-support basis. Therefore, a decision to hold the class is based on enrollment. If insufficient enrollment or any other significant reason necessitates canceling a course, an effort will be made to contact those students who have preregistered, and credit tuition or noncredit fee will be refunded.

Exceptions for any of the above policies must be approved by the Director of Continuing Education/Associate Dean for Outreach.

Admission and university policies

Formal admission to Portland State is required when registering for more than eight credits per term (except summer term when enrollment is limited to 21 credits). All University policies apply to offerings from the Continuing Education/Graduate School of Education. See the information for students on our website for details.

PSU OneCards with your Portland State University ID number are mailed directly to all Portland State University and Continuing Education students registered for credit. Please review the information.

Fee assessment policy
Because classes in Continuing Education are offered on a self-support basis, course fees are assessed independent of the amount paid for full- or part-time tuition (not calculated in cumulative and/or maximum fee charges).

Equal access/disabilities policy
Portland State University fully supports the right to equal access to its classes by students with disabilities and makes every reasonable effort to ensure this access. Students with disabilities who require assistance should contact the Disability Resource Center at 503-725-4150 at least 15 working days before the scheduled beginning date of the course.

Parking information

For more information
For specific program information contact the program manager. For assistance in locating the correct program or program manager call 503-725-8279 or toll-free 1-800-547-8887 option 2 ext 58279. Visit our websites: Continuing Education, Graduate School of Education.