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ReadOregon - Admissions

If you are interested in taking ReadOregon courses, please first submit an easy online application here.

Students interested in earning their reading endorsement (24 credits) through ReadOregon must be admitted through one of five universities as their "home" institution. Admissions information for Portland State University information is below. Admissions information for the other four institutions can be found at their respective websites:  The other four institutions are:

All students interested in earning the 24-credit Reading Specialist Endorsement through Portland State University must be formally admitted to the University and to the Graduate School of Education prior to the practicum. For PSU ReadOregon transfer credit guidelines, please see general info.

You do not need to be formally admitted to earn the Literacy Education Certificate (12 credits).

Step 1: Apply for graduate admission to Portland State University

Apply for graduate admissions to Portland State University online or using this paper application

  • All applicants wishing to earn their reading endorsements through ReadOregon must fill out the university application and pay the corresponding $50 fee unless you are currently enrolled in a Portland State University Master’s or Doctorate program *
  • Enter the following codes:
    • Degree: EDLP 
    • Major: EDLE for Early Childhood/Elementary OR EDLS for Middle School/HS
    • Concentration: RORE 
  • Be sure to indicate the term you intend to take a course as your admission term. You must take a course the term you are admitted to the program or your admission will be automatically cancelled by the university Office of Admissions.**
  • If you are considering pursuing a MS/MA at PSU Graduate School of Education, there is a limit of 15 transfer credits, including Portland State University credits, taken before formal admission to the master’s program. You may want to consider officially applying for the endorsement and master's at the same time. Please visit for complete information on the MA/MS in Curriculum and Instruction. 
  • Masters degrees must be completed within seven years. This seven year period begins with the earliest course being counted towards the master’s degree and ends with the quarter in which the student applies for graduation, i.e. if a student completes all courses in seven years but does not apply for graduation by the end of the seven year period, additional courses may need to be taken. Students completing the program must also take a class during their term of graduation.

Step 2: Apply online for admission to the ReadOregon program in the Graduate School of Education

  1. Use this link to access our online program application. Create a free account, or log in if you’ve already created one. Be sure to write down the user name and password that you receive so that you can return to the site and track the progress of your application as it is reviewed.
  2. Click the Create New Application button
  3. Select ReadOregon (fall/winter/spring/summer)
  4. Fully complete all pages of the online application. You can save and return to your application before it is completed but you must click the Submit Application Now button when it is complete. 
  5. You will find instructions for submitting your references, transcripts, teaching license and resume in the application.
  6. If you are planning on earning your masters in Curriculum and Instruction at the same time as your reading endorsement, choose and submit the CI Masters Program application.

    Faculty will review your applications only after all materials have been received. After the application review is complete, departmental decisions will be mailed to you and are subject to final approval by the university Office of Admissions. You will be notified of your official admission status via a second letter from the Office of Admissions

    *If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program (MA/MS, Ed.D) at Portland State, please submit a completed GO-19 Form with your application packet to the Graduate School of Education. You do not need to reapply to PSU.  This form takes the place of the Graduate Admissions form and corresponding $50 fee. 

    **It is a University requirement that students register and pay for at least one credit in the term they are admitted. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation of your admission. If you need to change the term for which you intend to begin classes after you have submitted your application, please contact the ReadOregon coordinator at 503-725-9786 to discuss your options.

    Literacy Education Certificate (12 credits)
    Students pursuing the Literacy Education Certificate may apply to Portland State University as a postbaccalaureate student or take up to eight credits per term without formal admission to the Graduate School of Education or Office of Admissions at PSU. A certificate of completion in literacy education is granted to the student once 12 credits from literacy education courses are completed. See Program Completion.

    As of Fall 2009 PSU is charging a one-time Matriculation Fee (charged on the first graduate admission) for all new and transfer graduate students.