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Distance and Online Learning (Noncredit)

Accessing Your Noncredit/CEU Online Course

Continuing Education helps professional educators and human service providers maintain their schedules by providing distance and online learning courses that fit their needs. These courses and programs may be offered through various modes: fully online, partially online, video streaming, or webinar.

Online Course Offerings: Online courses are planned learning experiences on the internet so students can learn on their own time or at more convenient locations.

During the course registration process you were emailed a username and password. As well as serving as your credentials for the online registration system, this username and password will serve as your account login for Desire2Learn (D2L), our online course management system. 

Username: Your D2L username will begin with "CEED-" followed by alpha-numeric characters. If you have forgotten your username, it can be retrieved here.

Password: You were also assigned a password during the registration process. To retrieve a forgotten password or choose a different password, please click here

Note: You will need your username in order to retrieve a forgotten password. Changes to your password may not be reflected in D2L for up to one hour. 

To access your online course, visit and select "D2L Guest Account Holders" on the left side of the page (login is case sensitive).

Once logged into D2L, you will see a welcome screen with your current courses:

Click a course title to go to the corresponding online course. Once in the course, select "Course Content" from the top navigation to access your course information. Also be sure to regularly check your email within D2L by clicking on the Mail icon in the upper right corner or under Updates in the right column.

Login help:

D2L help:

Please note that you likely will NOT have access to your online course until after 8am on the official first day of class that you are registered. Attempts to log on to your course before that date may not be successful.



Accessing Your Video Course (IPNB and Adoptions Programs Only)

To access the class via live video stream, you will receive a link from the program manager and additional instructions prior to the start of class. If you have questions, email

There are two ways to access the archived video streams:

  • From your D2L class: if the class has an online component, the streams will be posted within the D2L class. 
  • From links sent to you in an email. Typically the links to the streams are sent immediately after the class via email.

Video streams are password protected, so you must use your login to access these. If you have any difficulties with accessing the video streams, email


  • In-class facilitator. There is an in-class facilitator for both the adoptions program and IPNB. This person is the link to the face-to-face class for all students joining via live video stream. Check in with this person in the morning and throughout the day. Send your introduction for the class as well as your comments and questions throughout the day. For adoptions, the facilitator is Renee Daniel for IPNB, the facilitator is Marion Sharp
  • Program manager