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Men's Health Project - Community Messengers

Community Messengers to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

What is the Community Messengers Project?

The "Community Messengers to Prevent Colorectal Cancer" project is a mobilization effort to promote awareness and screening for colorectal cancer among African Americans in North and Northeast Portland. Colorectal cancer a leading cancer killer among African Americans, and is a very treatable condition if diagnosed early.

We have four goals:

  1. Raise awareness among African Americans about the importance of screening for colorectal cancer
  2. Prompt a wider intergenerational community discussion about cancer, risk factors, screening, treatment, and survival
  3. Secure pledges from community members to take the action to raise awareness, promote prevention behaviors, and get screened for colorectal cancer
  4. Develop and mobilize "Community Messengers" to promote dialogue and screening for colorectal cancer

Who are Community Messengers and what do they do?

"Community Messengers" are adults and youth, men and women who are willing to talk to family, friends, and community groups about colorectal cancer, and the importance of prevention, early screening, and treatment.

Adults and youth who have experienced cancer screening or treatment, or who whose lives have been affected by cancer may be especially effective Messengers because of their "personal" connection to cancer.

Messengers take the following action:

  1. Reach out to others in the community— friends, family, and groups
  2. Solicit pledges from people regarding colorectal cancer action steps (get screened, talk with my doctor, keep active and maintain a healthy weight, talk with loved ones and friends, find out more about my family history)
  3. Schedule to meet with community groups to provide education about the project and colorectal cancer, and solicit pledges and additional messengers

How can I become a messenger?

It is easy.  First, let us know you are interested. Do one of the following:

Second, attend a messenger rally so you can learn more about colorectal cancer and receive the tools you will need to educate and help others. We will contact you about upcoming rallies after you let us know you are interested.

Third, start the conversation with family members and friends. Share the information. If you are due for being screened, then be a role model and take the step.


The following links will take you to authoritative and reputable sources of information about colorectal cancer available on the web.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

American Cancer Society links:

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