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Men's Health Project

The Men’s Health Project is the result of an ongoing partnership between the Multnomah County Healthy Birth Initiative and the Center for Healthy Inclusive Parenting (CHIP) at Portland State University. Recognizing that health disparities can be improved upon for African American babies when the whole family is healthy, the partnership began with two primary focus areas:

  • Raise awareness and change behaviors among young African American men to address preventable health disparities (hypertension, diabetes, and stroke)
  • Explore innovative and responsive strategies to the emerging interests and needs of African American men related to health

From fall 2006 to fall 2008, the project evolved from a small health education and blood pressure monitoring intervention with young African American men to a community-wide effort of men promoting good health for themselves, their families, and their community. Below are some highlights of the achievements by the African American youth, men, supporters in the North/Northeast Portland community, and the project staff.

  • 80 men attended 10 men’s health forums
  • 45 men and youth trained to do blood pressure monitoring
  • 565 people contacted directly by youth and men to share health information
  • 305 community members who have received blood pressure screening and health information
  • 110 community organizations and businesses contacted to join the movement to improve the health of men in the African America community

The Men’s Health Project has 11 areas of focus. Men, women, and community organizations are encouraged to engage with us to help plan and implement specific activities in these areas:

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  • Men’s health forums
  • Blood pressure project
  • Research
  • Grants and contracts
  • HBI program support
  • Community information, education, and blood pressure services
  • Men’s Health Fair
  • Community partnerships
  • Youth and family education
  • Men’s health advocacy
  • Health services access and partnerships

If you are interested in working on Men’s Health Project activities or want more information, contact Chuck Smith at 503-725-4815,


Focus Areas

The HBI Men’s Health Project focuses on the following 11 areas. Men, women, and community organizations are encouraged to help plan and implement specific activities.

  • Men’s health forums - Once a month (6-8pm); secure locations, content, announcements, recruitment
  • Blood pressure project - Training men, tracking results of the efforts
  • Research - Develop research efforts related to project strategies, community-based participatory research
  • Grants and contracts - Locate and develop funding sources, grant writing, building on community partnerships for financial support
  • HBI program support - Coordinate with HBI; programming for men and fathers
  • Community information, education, and BP services - Partner with groups/events, community blood pressure work, follow up with people with high BP readings, calendar of events, website, public access TV programming, clearinghouse and information center for men’s health
  • Men’s Health Fair - Planning, partnerships, sponsors
  • Community partnerships - Connect with groups and individuals regarding their interest in men’s health, engage community in current men’s health efforts, identify new efforts and directions
  • Youth and family education - Follow up on SEI education pilot, engage other youth organizations
  • Men’s health advocacy - Get involved in health care policy debates, compile and provide information on men’s and related statistics, clearinghouse and information center for men’s health
  • Health services access and partnerships- Building partnerships with providers, identify available health services, assist providers with outreach to men