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Library Media Master's Degree - Program Courses

Students must complete all of the coursework for the Endorsement or Initial K–12 License program as well as required courses and electives below.

Schedule (tentative)

Required courses Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
LIB 573 Advanced Methods and Procedures in School/Library Media Centers 3       X
LIB 574 Research Strategies for Library Media Specialists 3       X
LIB 575 Directed Field Experience 3       X
Electives (7 credits, approved by adviser) Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
LIB 532 Multicultural Literature 3   X**  
LIB 533 Global Literature 3 X**  
LIB 576 Planning and Evaluation of Library Media Programs 3       X
LIB 588 21st Century Technologies for Education 3
LIB 592 Contemporary and Young Adult Literature 3     X**  
LIB 510 Collaborative Technology Tools in the Classroom 3   X*    
LIB 508 Picturebooks and 21st Century Literacies 1     X  
LIB 508 Special Learners in Library Media Centers 1 X**      
LIB 508 Multicultural Storytelling 1    X 
LIB 508 Literature for At-Risk Youth 1     X  
LIB 508 Web2.0 in the Classroom and School Library: Blogs, Wikis, and More 1       X*
LIB 508 Book Repair 1 X      
LIB 408 Digital Toolbox: Sharing Resources for Today's Students 1  

In addition, students must complete all of the coursework for the endorsement.

* Online with campus residency
** Fully online

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