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Library Media Master's Degree - Program Courses

Required courses Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
LIB 573 Advanced Methods and Procedures in School/Library Media Centers 3       X
LIB 574 Research Strategies for Library Media Specialists 3       X
LIB 575 Directed Field Experience 3       X
Electives (7 credits, approved by adviser) Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
LIB 532 Multicultural Literature 3   X**  
LIB 533 Global Literature 3 X**  
LIB 576 Planning and Evaluation of Library Media Programs 3       X
LIB 588 21st Century Technologies for Education 3
LIB 592 Contemporary and Young Adult Literature 3     X**  
LIB 510 Collaborative Technology Tools in the Classroom 3   X*    
LIB 508 Picturebooks and 21st Century Literacies 1     X  
LIB 508 Special Learners in Library Media Centers 1 X**      
LIB 508 Multicultural Storytelling 1    X 
LIB 508 Literature for At-Risk Youth 1     X  
LIB 508 Web2.0 in the Classroom and School Library: Blogs, Wikis, and More 1       X*
LIB 508 Book Repair 1 X      
LIB 408 Digital Toolbox: Sharing Resources for Today's Students 1  

In addition, students must complete all of the coursework for the endorsement.

* Online with campus residency
** Fully online

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