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Library Media Endorsement - Program Completion

Step 1 – Meet with your advisor at least one term prior to program completion

  • Review your coursework, tests, and other program requirements
  • Verify that all program requirements will be met
  • Complete any needed forms

Step 2 – Subject area test
After completing all of your program courses, the State of Oregon requires you to complete and pass a subject area test. The current required test is the School Library Media Specialist published by NES/Pearson (as of 9/1/2010). When you register for this test, be sure to ask to have your scores sent to both Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices (TSPC) and Portland State University, as well as to yourself. You also need to provide the Licensure Office (see Step 2 below) with a photocopy of your test score report as part of the application process.

Step 3 – Apply for endorsement
The Graduate School of Education's Licensure Office recommends people who have successfully completed our program for their added endorsement. Follow the Instructions for Adding an Endorsementpdf to guide you through the process.

Step 4 – Master's degree
If you are continuing on to complete an MA/MS in Library Media:

  • Meet with your advisor one term prior to the term you plan to graduate
  • Review your coursework with your advisor and begin the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) process. 
  • Complete and submit an Application for Degree form to the Office of Graduate Studies (see link below)
  • Take and pass the Comprehensive Exampdf

Master's degree candidates are invited to participate in either the spring or summer graduation events at PSU, as well as the GSE Hooding Ceremony that is held each spring. 

Office of Graduate Studies forms website