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Karin H. Bausenbach, MD, Scholarship


All the Credit and Noncredit (CEU) Scholarships have been awarded for Spring and Summer 2016 terms for use for IPNB classes. Congratulations to the recipients!


Passion. Curiosity. Laughter. Dedication. Dr. Karin Bausenbach approached her love of life and learning with an exuberant drive to connect students with cutting edge interdisciplinary research in the neurobiology of human behavior. Whether dissecting sheep brains or probing the intricate neuronal networks underpinning self-perception and mental health, Dr. Karin led her classes on a scientific journey of discovery. This scholarship honors her deep commitment to promote an adaptive, creative, integrated vision of individual and community relationships by nurturing her students' conceptual understanding of emotional and social intelligence. 

Awardees will receive scholarships for Spring and Summer terms of 2016, not to exceed the cost of the tuition for IPNB eligible classes. Recipients may be enrolled in the IPNB program for either graduate credit or continuing education units. 

Application requirements

Preference will be given to applicants who have committed to the IPNB Certificate and completed at least one course in the IPNB certificate program. Scholarship applicants will complete a basic application administered by the IPNB Program, which will include a 500-word essay describing their enthusiasm for exploring the interdisciplinary field of interpersonal neurobiology. Recipients should reflect Dr. Karin’s joy and commitment to lifelong learning.

For the essays

Applicants should discuss how understanding the dynamic interplay between the brain’s neural networks and human behavior will improve their ability to relate to others and their community at large – and how they envision applying their knowledge of the integration between neuroscience and emotional and social intelligence to promote health and well-being. They should identify at least three specific questions they hope to answer throughout their time in the IPNB program. At the conclusion of the class, the recipient will submit a 500-word essay summarizing what they have learned, what answers they gained so far about their initial three questions, how they have moved their ideas forward for a life time, and what innovative directions they are pursuing.

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