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Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate - Admissions

Applicants to the graduate certificate in Infant/Toddler Mental Health are evaluated on the basis of their academic background, practical experience in the field, and personal qualifications appropriate for effective application of the program studies. Prerequisites for admission are a master's degree in a related field or a bachelor's degree with experience working with young children and their families.

The program begins fall 2015. Applications were due May 1st, 2015.

Application requirements

  1. PSU Application
    1. Complete the PSU application for graduate admission. (Read pages 1-2. Note: Deadline has been changed and is the one on this page. Use pages 5-7 for PSU Admission. ITMH Departmental Application is below.) Include a check for the $50 application fee.
    2. Submit one set of official copies of your transcripts
  2. GSE Application
    1. Complete the department application for admission form 
    2. Submit a current resume 
    3. Submit one set of official copies of your transcripts
    4. Writing sample. Click on the link to get directions for the writing sample.
    5. Two references. One form should be from a supervisor who is acquainted with your practical experience in the field. Both forms should speak to your professional qualifications.

For more information, contact Marion Sharp, at

Technical requirements

  • PSU Odin account (This will be provided at no cost once you are registered.)
  • Unrestricted access to a personal computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Reliable connection to the Internet (high-speed highly recommended)
  • Current version of a Web browser installed on the computer
  • Proficiency using a computer and common computer software (such as Web browsers, word processors, spreadsheet applications, and media players). These skills should be obtained prior to registering for an online course. You may do this by taking an Introduction to Computers class at Portland State University or some other institution or by asking a friend or family member who is familiar with computers to help you learn these skills


The cost for the program follows graduate tuition fees. Based on 2014-15 tuition rates, the program cost would be $2,254 per term for five credits including the distance education fee. The total cost of the program is approximately $9,016*. The fees have not yet been set for 2015-16; we will update this information when that has been decided. These fees do not include the cost for the course reading materials.

*Tuition and fee rates are determined by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and are subject to change.

*PSU charges a one-time Matriculation Fee (charged on the first graduate admissions) for all new and transfer graduate students. That amount is not included here. 

ITMH scholarship opportunity

Apply for this scholarship when you apply for the program.

The Addictions and Mental Health division of the Oregon Health Authority, in partnership with Portland State University’s Department of Continuing Education/Graduate School of Education, is offering ten scholarships for full tuition for the Graduate Certificate in Infant/Toddler Mental Health. Applicants must meet the following requirements.

Preference will be given to:

  • Mental health providers (therapists/clinical social workers) in an Oregon agency serving Medicaid-eligible families of children 0-5
  • Applicants with bicultural/bilingual experience
  • Those serving in Oregon rural communities

Recipients will agree to continue to be employed in an Oregon agency serving Medicaid-eligible families of children 0-5 for at least one year following completion of the program.*

Scholarship includes tuition (including Introduction to ITMH, offered summer term), matriculation fee, and books for the Graduate Certificate in Infant/Toddler Mental Health.

*If Recipients leave their employment at an Oregon agency serving Medicaid-eligible families of children 0-5 prior to one year following completion of the program, they are subject to having to repay the scholarship. 

Application process:

Complete the scholarship application form and submit an essay in response to the following question.

Essay question:

Describe the underserved population with which you would like to work, and explain how completing this educational program will improve your ability to provide appropriate services to children and families.