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Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of the program?
A. Students in the program pay regular in-state Portland State University tuition. 2014-15 term tuition is $2,254, including distance fees, for five credits and admitted students are eligible to apply for financial aid. 

Q. Is there any scholarship money available?
A. There are currently scholarships available for mental health providers through the Oregon Health Authority. these scholarships have already been awarded for 2014-15. 

Part-time and full-time students may be eligible for Financial AidPlease visit the websites to determine eligibility requirements and view deadline dates. 

Q. How often will students be required to come to the Portland State campus?
A. All courses are fully online and do not require the student to visit campus.

Q. Can the program be taken for noncredit or CEUs only?
A. That is not an option at this time.

Q. If I can't start in the fall, can I join the program at a later date?
A. While it is recommended that you start in the fall -  and you can complete the program ins the shortest amount of time if you do so - you are permitted to start during any term.

Q. Is there a final project?
A. A culminating project is developed over the course of the program and is presented at the end.

Q. How will having this certificate improve my earning capability? 
A. This Graduate Certificate indicates to your employer that you have concentrated, specialized training at the graduate level in the field of infant mental health for working with families with children from the prenatal period to 36 months of age. It is not a licensure or endorsement program.