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Graduate Teacher Education Program (Part-Time)


Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of education. Few occupations equal teaching in terms of the opportunities it provides to work directly with the people and issues most important to society. Teaching is a calling with the potential of influencing hundreds of lives far into the future.

The Portland State University Graduate School of Education and Continuing Education offers a teacher preparation program that enables committed, academically able candidates to complete the essential academic and field experiences to become outstanding practitioners.

For complete information about full-time GTEP, go to

Completing our program begins your journey toward becoming an excellent teacher.


General Information

The Graduate School of Education’s part-time GTEP is administered through Continuing Education. The eight-term, part-time program is designed for teacher candidates for whom the full-time, four-term GTEP commitment is not feasible or who prefer a part-time schedule.* In Year Two of the program, all teacher candidates need to be available for a part-time student teaching commitment winter term and a full-time student teaching commitment spring term.

*All students in the part-time program complete the same coursework as students in the full-time program, attending classes one night a week (4:30–8:30pm) with a few additional Saturdays each term.

Program Goal
The Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) is a professional preparation program, which is accredited nationally (NCATE) and in Oregon (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission), and leads to licensure in the state of Oregon. It is designed to develop practitioners who are outstanding academics and effective instructors, reflective about their practice, and leaders in their schools and their communities. The program promotes teaching as a thoughtful, informed, and deliberate activity connected to consideration of purpose, specific settings, and human needs and values. Our reflective teaching model allows the teacher to critically examine goals, problems, methods, and effective practices in education.

GSE Resources
The Graduate School of Education’s Metropolitan Instructional Support Laboratory has a complete range of media equipment, curriculum materials, and a small professional library. The lab also houses Macintosh and Windows computer labs, and wireless network access, supported by qualified assistants who can help with the computers and media materials. Lab staff regularly offers workshops on computer software and technology.

Cohort Model
GTEP is organized in cohort groups of approximately 30 teacher candidates who participate in coursework and field experience assignments together with a faculty leader. The cohort strategy uses group processes to develop professionalism, collegiality, and support for classroom performance and reflection. Each cohort may have a special theme and direction of interest to help focus professional growth.

This program is contingent on a minimum number of people applying.

Please contact Julie Wolleck in Continuing Education if you are interested in applying.


Licensure Information

The part-time Graduate Teacher Education Program runs for eight terms leading to the Initial Teaching Licensure in the following levels: early childhood (age 3 through grade 4), elementary (grades 3-8 in an elementary school), mid-level (grades 5-10 in a junior high or middle school), and secondary (grades 7-12 in a mid-high or high school). Most students receive licensure in two contiguous levels (e.g., early childhood/elementary or mid level/high school).

For more information regarding licensure, please visit the Office of Educational Licensing in the Graduate School of Education.