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General Education

general edAdded Elementary Authorization
Designed for licensed specialty or secondary teachers (with a basic standard license) who want an elementary endorsement. Can combine with a master’s degree.

Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Certificate of Completion
Offers teachers, specialists, counselors, and professionals advanced curriculum and tools to help students with Asperger's and high functioning autism lead highly productive lives.

Autism Certificate of Completion
Designed to teach teachers how to use a comprehensive set of evidence-based instructional strategies and a curriculum that improves the learning outcomes of children with disorders on the autism spectrum.

Center for Student Success
Provides technical assistance to meet the needs of K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations working to increase student success and to bridge the achievement gap.

Children's and Young Adult Literature Graduate Certificate
Provides comprehensive training for people who want to broaden their understanding of contemporary literature for children and young adults.

Children's Book Conference
Since 1999, PSU has presented the Pacific Northwest Children’s Book Conference for writers and illustrators of children’s books.

Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree
A non-license master’s degree for current teachers or professionals in related fields who are interested in a master’s in education. Can specialize in early childhood education.

eLearning Development for Online Educators Certificate of Completion
Designed for pre-kindergarten through higher education teachers, instructors, instructional designers/technologists, and administrators who want to design, manage, and teach online.

Graduate Teacher Education Program
Prepares classroom teachers and specialists for initial license in early childhood, elementary, middle level, and high school. Can combine with a master’s degree.

Library Media Master's Degree
Provides advanced coursework to work in school and/or public libraries. Includes the 29-credit endorsement program with an additional 16 credits of advanced coursework.

ReadOregon Online Reading Endorsement
Fully online OUS program for reading endorsement. Mix and match classes from five Oregon University System institutions. Can combine with a master’s degree.

Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP)
Prepares classroom teachers for license endorsements in secondary level special education and a content area (e.g., English, biology, business, social studies, math, art, music). Program includes a master's in education.

Service-Learning in Higher Education Graduate Certificate
Provides sound philosophical, theoretical, and experiential preparation in service-learning and community engagement for those who teach, coordinate, and/or research learning through community involvement with college students.