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ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement - Practicum Application Information

You are eligible to apply to do your ESOL practicum if you have been admitted to the program, have a full Tk20 account, and will have completed all coursework requirements prior to the term in which you want to do practicum. Practicum applications are due at least one term in advance; deadlines are:

April 15

For fall term practicum, which begins in late-September

October 1

For winter term practicum, which begins in early January

January 10

For spring term practicum, which begins in late-March or early April

Portland State University makes necessary arrangements with a cooperating “master teacher” and school/district for any teacher who requires a placement. Every effort is made to accommodate placement preferences; however, we seek other options if no placements are available in preferred districts or schools.

Teachers doing practicum in their own classrooms must also identify someone within their school or district to serve as a “master teacher.” The master teacher must have held an Oregon ESL endorsement for at least two years.

ESOL Practicum Application