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ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement - Admissions

Formal admission to both Portland State University and the ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program is required for completion of the endorsement. Admission applications are accepted and processed on an ongoing basis; there is no deadline date for applications. While it is possible to take ESOL Endorsement Program courses before admission, please apply for admission at your earliest opportunity.

To be considered for admission, candidates must:

  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be a licensed teacher or an active student in an academic program leading to licensure
  • Complete admission procedures as outlined below

If you are already admitted to a graduate-level program at Portland State, please complete a GO-19M form,pdf have it signed by your faculty advisor, and submit to:

Continuing Ed/Grad School of Ed
ESOL Endorsement Program
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Or hand-deliver to 204 Graduate School of Education, attn: ESOL Endorsement

If this does not apply to you, follow the steps below.

Admission to the ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program requires submission of two separate applications:

Application #1—University admission application:

  • PSU Graduate Admission Formpdf 
    • Specify the term you wish to be admitted. You must register for and attend a course in the term for which you are admitted. If you do not, your admission will be automatically canceled unless you notify both the Portland State Admissions Office and Continuing Education/Graduate School of Education of your intent to change the enrollment date. Notification must be given prior to the term for which you are admitted.
    • Enter the following codes in the boxes at the top of the form: 
      • Degree: EDLP
      • Major: EDLE (EarlyChildhood/Elementary) OR EDLS (Middle Level/High School
      • Concentration: TSLC 
  • One set of official transcripts from all institutions you have attended, except Portland State, in sealed original envelopes from the institutions. Have these transcripts sent directly to you, for you to submit with your application form.
  • $50 application fee
  • Those students whose first language is not English and who do not have an undergraduate degree from the United States are required to take TOEFL. An official TOEFL score must be sent directly to Portland State from the Educational Testing Services. Required minimum: 550/600. For more information, contact Educational Testing Services at
  • Gather all above materials and submit to:
    Office of Admissions and Records
    Portland State University
    PO Box 751
    Portland, OR 97207-0751
    Or hand-deliver to 104 Neuberger Hall

Application #2—ESOL/bilingual endorsement admission application:

  • Please access our online application here:
    Use this link to create a free admissions account. (NOTE:  If you already have a Tk20 student account you must still create a free admissions account for application purposes.) Once you have an account and have logged in:
    • Click the “Create a New Application” button
    • Select the option for ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program . . . (for the term you want to be admitted)
    • Fully complete all pages of the online application. You can save and return to your application before it is completed if necessary, however you must click the “Submit Application Now” button when it is complete.  Please pay attention to application deadlines. You will be able to track the review process through this site once your application has been submitted, so be sure to write down your username and password.
  • In addition to completing the online application you will need to submit the following items:
    • Copies of transcripts from each post secondary institution attended (do not need to be official transcripts in unopened envelopes, and Portland State transcripts are not required)
    • Copy of your teaching license or evidence of admission to a teacher licensure program
    • Two letters of reference/recommendation following instructions described in the online application
  • Submit to: 
Continuing Ed/Grad School of Ed
ESOL Endorsement Program
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Or hand-deliver to 204 Graduate School of Education, attn: ESOL Endorsement

NOTE:  All students admitted to or taking courses in the ESOL/bilingual endorsement program must comply with the Graduate School of Education Student Behavior and Performance Guidelines.