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Enhancing Home Visiting Effectiveness


"More happens in a home visit than meets the eye."

The Early Childhood Training Center offers a six-day professional development course, delivered over time, focused on home visiting with families of young children. This course can also be taken for college credit. Delivery of the course can be individualized to the scheduling needs of your program. Contact us to schedule training for your organization or to find out about scheduled training events.

This practice-oriented training experience is designed for home visitors working with families of young children in any setting. Participants will have an opportunity to assess their strengths and needs, as well as focus on the essential elements of a comprehensive home visiting process (breadth), and explore the five dimensions of home visit quality that affects all aspects of the home visiting experience (depth). This program is aligned with the Head Start/EHS Relationship-Based Competencies for staff who work with families. 

Home visiting elements

  • Orienting the family to the home visit process
  • Strengths and needs assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Child development strategies
  • Family service and support
  • Health and wellness promotion
  • Parent skill development
  • Referral and follow up
  • Identifying and responding to crises
  • Community connection
  • Transition planning and support
  • Documentation and notes
  • Staffing and debriefing

Home visiting dimensions

  • Core skills, knowledge, attributes
  • Worker's role
  • Key relationships
  • Considerations
  • Self-reflection


How home visitor training addresses the head start relationship-based competenciespdf