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Continuing Education provides a wide range of valuable courses and programs for preK-16 educators. Courses offer educators learning opportunities to enhance and expand their skills in a variety of areas. CEED offers programs that may lead to master's degrees, endorsements, licensure and/or graduate certificates.

Programs for educators: PSU provides programs for professional growth in many areas. CEED offers programs that lead to degrees, licensure, endorsement or graduate certificates. Courses or workshop series may also lead to certificates of completion.

Education courses and workshops: Individualized courses and workshops are available to enhance the skills and knowledge of educators focusing on curriculum development, classroom instruction, instructional technology, and assessment.

Customized training opportunities for educators: Continuing Education in the Graduate School of Education can design programs to address the specific needs of professionals within schools, districts, and higher education institutions. These programs may be offered with customized scheduling and at on-site locations.

Graduate School of Education: Continuing Education is part of the Graduate School of Education. This relationship allows Continuing Education to develop and maintain quality programs that are designed to fit the needs of educators.