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Early Childhood Training Center - List Serves

ECTC maintains several list serves for particular Head Start disciplines. Subscribers to these lists receive information pertinent to their specific areas of expertise. To subscribe to one or more of the lists below, please send an email with your email address and list(s) of choice to our list-serve administrator.

Subject/target group

  • OPEN LISTS (no restrictions   to join)
  • African American Men's Health Project
  • Disabilities coordinators
  • Early Head Start professionals
  • Education coordinators
  • Health coordinators
  • Portland Men's Network
  • Family services and parent involvement
  • Managers and full-day/full-year service
  • Mental health specialists
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Supervisors
  • Technology
  • Transportation

CLOSED LISTS (Available  to people who are members of these groups)

  • Alaska Head Start directors- RO
  • Current SSCBT students
  • Home Visiting CASS participants
  • Idaho Head Start directors- RO
  • Oregon Head Start directors- RO
  • Secrets of Effective Supervision class current participants
  • SSCBT instructors and mentors
  • Washington Head Start directors- RO