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Design by Data - Data by Design

A Learning Collaborative on Program Design, Monitoring, Outcome Evaluation, and Planning

Build the capacity of your program to demonstrate, document, and report meaningful outcomes. Use a comprehensive framework to understand, assess, and improve your ability to implement the processes that lead to effective program assessment, design, monitoring, outcome evaluation, and program improvement. Learn from colleagues as you work on practical strategies to strengthen the quality of your program.

A one-day introductory training and overview will allow participants to explore and understand the Design by Data framework, and learn some practical tools to assist with the program evaluation process. Participants will see how the framework can be applied to systematically strengthen the program’s capacity to comprehensively collect, manage, and use relevant data to monitor and evaluate program services and child and family outcomes. Most importantly, the Design by Data process will contribute the program’s ability to clearly articulate its accomplishments to stakeholders, and effectively cultivate an environment of continuous program improvement and professional growth.

Programs will have an opportunity to develop an individualized training and consultation plan based on their level of interest and readiness to implement the Design by Data concepts.

Elements of the Design by Data – Data by Design Framework

  • Oh No-Strategic Planning- Who and what do we want to be, and how are we going to "become" that?
  • Targets- Our goals, Our funder's goals
  • Designed to Reach the Target- Real life logic models work in real life
  • Data Collection- What to collect and what not to collect; How to collect it; How well it's collected
  • Keeping it Real- These numbers represent people
  • Evaluation is Not Research- Knowing if you are hitting the mark and why
  • Analysis- Analysis as a "learning process," not just confirming the status quo; From observation to analysis
  • Continuous Program Improvement- Build a quality improvement structure with capability

One-Day Introductory Training Outline

Overview- “So Many Frameworks/Rubrics, So Little Time”
Trends- Multiple frameworks from Resource Centers and OHS
Affirmation of participants’ experiences
New monitoring process
Different accountability levels

Overview of the Elements- An Application Framework
Outcomes Planning Model
Putting the Framework to work

Targets- “Own the target.  Don’t let the target own you.”
Identifying targets and putting them into action

Performance Measures 
Exercises on developing performance measures and information sources

Implementation- Preparing to Engage in Activities/Outputs
Individual and group application exercises

Analysis- Leads to design improvement; if you have collected the right information

Strategic Planning- “So Many Priorities, So Little Resources.”
What is most important- has greatest value for your program?

Keeping it Real- “Numbers Are People Too.”
Internal marketing- relevant information for consumers in the program
Sharing success stories