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COSA Leadership Academy - Credit Requirements


  1. Must attend a minimum of 5 training days (30 hrs) of any of the COSA workshops and complete a 30-hour practicum to receive four graduate credits (ELP 506) through Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education. Credit will be graded and awarded spring term 2015. 
  2. You must be a member of COSA to participate! The credits may be applied as electives to the PSU Continuing Administrator License (CAL). For PSU CAL program admission info, visit If planning to transfer these credits to another school, seek approval of that institution in advance.

Current COSA events


  1. For each workshop you attend, write one 4-page paper. The paper must include:
    1. A synthesis of the content learned in the workshop
    2. A description of the principles that challenged your thinking or added to your knowledge
    3. An explanation of how you plan to integrate these ideas into your district work and how they interface with the continuing administrator standards (OAR 584-017-0261)

    Important: Before you do your practicum (see #2 and #3 below), you will need to decide what the focus will be in that field project. The paper that addresses your practicum experience topic should be sufficiently in-depth to assist you in successfully completing that work.

  2. Complete a 30-hour practicum applying a conference topic (or topics) to an issue at the district level demonstrating proficiency in one or more TSPC continuing administrator standards (OAR 584-017-0261).Write a 300-word abstract of your practicum field project
  3. Complete the following forms:
    1. Course and Field-Based Project Summative Assessment Formpdf, signed by your school district supervisor (or agency supervisor) and course instructor 
    2. Time-on-Task Logpdf

    Submitting assignments

    Include your name, course number, and the number of credits (4) on all documents submitted for grading. Assignments should be emailed to the instructor, Colin Cameron, at with “COSA Leadership Academy” in the subject line. You may also mail (COSA, 707 13th Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97301) or fax (503-581-9840) your assignment. Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your paper returned with comments.

    Grades, receipts, and transcripts 

    Grades will be available on the PSU website. For instructions on accessing your grade, obtaining a receipt, or getting transcripts, visit