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Cooperative Credit Program - Information for Students

Teachers, teachers-in-training, administrators, aspiring administrators, trainers, human services professionals, and other education professionals 

If you are interested in getting university credit for licensure renewal, to use as an elective in a program, or to move up the pay scale,* view the Continuing Education (CEED) online course catalog. Many CEED classes are offered cooperatively by Portland State University and its partnering or “cooperative” agencies. In the catalog, these courses will be indicated by a sentence at the end of the course description which says, “Offered cooperatively by Portland State University and [agency].”

Helpful resources

In the CEED catalog, cooperative credit classes provide registration instructions at the bottom of each course description. For a cooperative credit OR noncredit class, you must register through the cooperative agency.

Grades, receipts, and transcripts
Cooperative credit classes start and end at various times during the university’s normal academic calendar. However, each class must be assigned a term. The term assigned to a class depends upon when the class ends. For example, if the cooperative credit class starts in January and ends in April, it will be spring term class, and grades will not be available until the end of spring term. View our deadline datespdf for information about term dates. 

At the end of the term, the cooperative agency will issue grades. Students can view grades online. Read our instructions for obtaining student records online,pdf which will walk you through the process of logging in and retrieving your grades, payment receipts, and class schedule, as well as instructions for ordering official transcripts.

We cannot post grades until your registration information is entered into our system. The cooperative agency is responsible for submitting your registration form and you are responsible for setting up your PSU student account and paying your e-bill. If your account has not been created, you will not be in the system and thus unable to access your grades.

Student Handbook
For more information about being a Continuing Education student at PSU, read our Student Handbook.

*It is the student’s responsibility to verify in advance of registration that a course will qualify for his or her specific licensure renewal, elective in a program of study, or pay scale movement.