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Cooperative Credit Program - How to Qualify as an Agency

In order to become a cooperative agency offering PSU credit, your organization must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The cooperative agency must be responsible for the total management of the course (e.g., organizing and paying for instructors, space, and materials).
  • The cooperative agency must have a business license and federal tax ID (not an individual’s Social Security Number). The agency will need to sign a standard vendor contract with PSU. Federal tax ID is preferred, not required.
  • The course content must be equivalent to college-level coursework.pdf
  • The course must include at least 10 hours of instructional time for each credit (e.g., 10 hours = 1 quarter credit; 30 hours = 3 quarter credits) plus assignments
  • Each instructor must have at least a master’s degree, expertise in the content area, and experience teaching adult learners. If approved, the instructor will be considered PSU adjunct faculty and will be held responsible for issuing student grades.