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Checklist for Your D2L Course


  1. Copy course from prior term and verify it is operational
  2. Check content for inaccuracies (dates, broken links, outdated material including associated pdf's and word documents)
  3. Update course syllabus, schedule, assignment descriptions
  4. Update any dates and type content using the built in editor
  5. Check all links and update broken links
  6. Update any associated files (PDF's or docs)
  7. Update course for additional functionality - discussions, dropbox, checklist, quizzes
  8. Verify/Edit course events
  9. Create groups if needed
  10. Add any necessary participants (TA, co-instructor, etc.)
  11. Create a new module or topic with content
  12. Impersonate to check from student perspective
  13. Set course start date/end date
  14. Activate Course
  15. Compare Banner course list to D2L to make sure all students enrolled are in course


Check dates, content and links (for example: any materials that have the term information “Winter 2013” in it; any documents with due dates listed; etc.): Consider using Week 1 or 2 rather than specific dates

  • News items
  • Course content
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes/Surveys
  • Dropbox
  • Calendar (NOTE!  Calendar items are hidden within INACTIVE courses)
  • Checklist
  • Gradebook

Check all links to external websites in the event that those materials have changed or been removed (news/periodical articles, YouTube, blogs, etc.)

If you use different start and/or end dates than the standard university term dates, check the start and end dates for your course (the course start and end dates are right below the “course is active” function on the Course Offering Information page)

Activating your course - All Courses are created in an INACTIVE state. Along with the start/end date settings, it will determine if students will be able to access your course. Remember to activate your course before the start of the term! Here is a guide on how to do this:

Adding TA's - Instructors have the ability to add Teaching Assistants themselves. Here are instructions on how to do this as well as descriptions of each TA role we provide:

“Impersonating Student” function to test the look and structure of your course (should also practice any quizzes/surveys) 

Checking your class enrollment in Banweb- This is the official roster of registered students with your D2L classlist

Other support