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CEED Student Handbook - Student Services

Student ID Cards

If you have been photographed and registered for classes, your card will be mailed to you six weeks before the term begins. If you have registered for classes and have not been photographed, your card will be sent without a photo three weeks before the term begins.

If you receive a non-photo card, simply activate this card at and come to ID Services on the first floor of Neuberger Hall, 724 SW Harrison, to be photographed. We will then mail you a replacement card with a photo at no charge. Your card will not be mailed until you have registered for classes.

Undeliverable cards are returned to ID Services. We will attempt to contact you via your registered email address. ID Services will hold your card for 30 days. After this, the card will be destroyed and a replacement fee will be charged if you need the card reissued. Cards will not be forwarded by the US Postal Service. Please maintain an updated address with both Portland State University and Higher One. There is a $21 fee for replacement cards.

For all questions related to your PSUOne card (HigherOne OneAccount) Checking Account please visit or contact Higher One at 877-778-7781. You may check the delivery status of your PSUOne card by clicking on "Where's My Card?" at

Student Email Accounts

Students who have active accounts in the PSU Banweb system, are automatically assigned a PSU email account in this format: If you would prefer to use a personal email address for your PSU correspondence, you can have your PSU address redirect to your preferred email by going to the Odin Account Manager system.

Disability Services

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) collaborates  with and empowers  students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable access to an education and university life.  In order to receive accommodations, students  need to meet with a DRC staff member. DRC staff will discuss any accommodations that will support access to education and university life at PSU. As part of this interactive process, they need supporting documentation from a qualified licensed professional. Services available through the DRC are limited to students who are currently enrolled in classes and who have appropriate documentation on file in the DRC office.

Financial Aid

Portland State University offers state financial aid; federal grant, work, and loan aid; fee remissions; and scholarships for all qualified students. Check the PSU Financial Aid website for details.

Writing Center

The PSU Writing Center offers help with writing at any level and in any discipline. The Writing Center is located on the Portland State campus on the first floor of Cramer Hall, Room 188.

Computer Lab Schedule and Usage

There are multiple computer labs available to students across campus. For locations and available hours refer to the lab scheduleComputer labs are available on PSU campus for student use. Computer lab use requires a Portland State University computer account (OAM).

Students may print up to 500 copies per term in computer lab printers. After 500 copies, you will be charged $.25 per copy.

Curriculum and Technology Services (CATS)

Curriculum and Technology Services, located in room 270 of the Fourth Avenue Building, is a dedicated lab for Graduate School of Education students, including those taking Continuing Education courses and programs. In addition to computer lab facilities, CATS is home to a number of technology and media resources.

Operating hours for CATS can be found on the CATS webpage.

For questions, or to check the schedule, call 503-725-4607 or visit

Help Desk

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) help desk provides assistance to Portland State University faculty, staff, and students in the use of computer-related technology. To reach the help desk from off campus call 503-725-4357 or toll-free 1-800-547-8887 ext. 54357 or email Help desk phone support is available 24/7.

In-person help desk hours are:

Mon-Fri 8am—7pm

Sat 10am—4pm

Sun Closed

Check the OIT website for more information.

Computer Accounts

Once your student record is established you will receive an email or letter with instructions for using Portland State’s Odin Account Manager (OAM) to create your computer access account. Please follow the instructions to complete the OAM process so you can register online, obtain grades and receipts for payment of tuition and fees, use your PSU email account, have access to PSU Internet and computer labs, participate in online or partially online courses, utilize file space on the PSU campus network, link to library resources, and use many other services at Portland State.

PSU Distance Learning System – Desire to Learn (D2L)

Instructors use a distance learning system to deliver online course materials, provide tools to communicate with them and with other students in the course, assess performance online, and/or manage course grades and activities. For more information on accessing and using the system visit the distance learning website.

Millar Library

All PSU credit students have access to Millar Library, either in person or online. A PSU photo ID (or a photo ID with any non-photo PSU ID) is needed to check out materials in person. For distance use, a PSU computer account must be established (see Computer Accounts). Visit the PSU library website for more information, including hours and special collections.

Off-Campus Access

The PSU online library catalog is available on the web. Access to online databases and electronic journals licensed by Portland State University's library is also available for off-campus users. You will need a PSU Odin account for this service.

Library Staff Directory

For library assistance contact the library staff.

Career Services

The Career Center provides services to students admitted to a degree, licensure, or graduate certificate program while they are engaged in coursework. The Center also provides services to alumni who have completed degree, licensure, or graduate certificate programs. They are located at 617 SW Montgomery in the University Services Building, room 402. The center is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Veterans' Services

Portland State University offers a number of support services for returning veterans in the Veterans Services Offices, room 104 of Neuberger Hall.


Advising differs by academic level and program.

Undergraduate Students

For information pertaining to degree requirements, programs, majors, and how to reach advisors, contact Student Affairs Advising (each college has their own advisors).

Graduate Students

Contact the advisor for your program. Advising information for GSE programs can be found at

PSU Bookstore

Many of the textbooks for courses are available at the Portland State Bookstore. Students can order books and course packets by phone, 503-725-3780 or 1-800-547-8887 ext. 53780, or fax 503-725-3800. The Portland State Bookstore will mail materials. Online order support: 503-226-2631 ext. 212.

CEED Course Materials

For distance students in a Continuing Education/Graduate School of Education program, most books are available by fax or phone from the Portland State University Bookstore. For some programs, books may only be available through an independent source. Contact the CEED events coordinator at 503-725-4707 with any questions about books for these programs.

Student Parent Services

Portland State University recognizes that student parents are serious, committed individuals who face unique challenges while attending the university. Student Parent Services is a program that helps on-campus student parents manage the conflicting roles and responsibilities that school, work, and family demand of them. Refer to the SPS website for more information.

Child Care

Child care for children ages one through six years is offered at the ASPSU Children's Center between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday through Thursday and 8am through 5:30pm Fridays. The center is located in the lobby of Smith Memorial Student Union, 1825 SW Broadway. A registration form and nominal registration fee are required to use the center. Children may be enrolled for one or two days with a few days notice or on an ongoing basis by arrangement. To register, contact the center at 503-725-2273.

These services are not available during summer term. Available openings are limited. Call the ASPSU Children’s Center to check on availability and fees.

Student Health Insurance

Courses offered through Continuing Education are self-support. Self-support course credits are not eligible for PSU student basic health insurance or extended insurance.