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CEED Student Handbook - Student Information and Grades

Student Information System

The online PSU Student Information System allows you to register for classes, reserve parking permits, view current class schedule, view fee assessments and account information, review registration holds, view grades, print unofficial transcripts, and view your financial aid information. Access the PSU Information System by:

  • Select PSU Information System
  • Enter your ODIN username and password and click login. If you have trouble logging in to the PSU Student Information System, call 503-725-3511, press option 5.
  • Select student services and financial aid
  • Select the appropriate link:
    • Admissions—file an application for admissions; review existing applications, their status, and the status of supporting requirements. If you do not see admission information for your program, there may not be an online application available. Please use the paper version
    • Registration—add/drop courses, check registration status, view schedule
    • Student records—view holds, display grades, print an unofficial transcript, review charges and payments
    • Financial aid menu—view outstanding and completed requirements for financial aid
    • Parking permits—reserve parking permits

Social Security Number Usage

Student Social Security Numbers are no longer used for identifying students at PSU. When you create your initial ODIN account in the PSU Student Information System, you may choose to enter your Social Security Number. Students are assigned a PSU student ID number for maintaining the security of records between individuals with the same name, so a Social Security Number is no longer required. Each student record is kept confidential and, except for legitimate uses within the university, is released with accompanying records only when requests for release are made by the student.

Social Security Number Disclosure and Consent Statement

Students are requested to voluntarily provide their Social Security Number to assist the Oregon University System (OUS) –and organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of OUS–in developing, validating, and/or administering predictive tests and assessments; administering student aid programs; improving instruction; internally identifying of students; collection of student debts; or comparing student educational experiences with subsequent workforce experiences. When conducting studies, OUS will disclose a student's Social Security Number only in a manner that does not permit personal identification of the student by individuals other than representatives of OUS (or the organization conducting the study for OUS) and only if the information is destroyed when no longer needed for the purposes for which the study was conducted. By providing their Social Security Number, students are consenting to the uses identified above. This Request is made pursuant to ORS 351.070 and 351.085. Provision of a student's Social Security Number and consent to its use are not required and, if the student chooses not to do so, s/he will not be denied any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law. Students may revoke their consent for the use of their Social Security Number at any time by writing to the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records, Portland State University, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751.