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Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate program provides advanced, specialized training based on best practices for individuals who work with children with autism spectrum disorders in early childhood through high school. The curriculum addresses the wide range of competencies that are necessary for the provision of effective educational programming for students who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  Based on the current research in the field of autism spectrum disorders, you will develop a foundation of knowledge in what is known about autism and how to help students with the disorder. The methods learned will broaden your instructional repertoire and can be applied to many individuals beyond those on the autism spectrum.

Although this program does not lead to licensure, it is developed to align with the recommendations of the Oregon Commission on Autism and the competencies required by autism specialists and others working with children on the autism spectrum.

Intended audiences: autism specialists, special educators, paraprofessionals

There is no application process for this certificate but you must have completed the pre-requisite course before proceeding with the other courses in the program.

Prerequisite: SPED 410/510 Foundations for Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Available twice annually (online winter term and hybrid summer term).

Tracy Williams-Murphy
Program Manager

What is a Certificate of Completion?

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