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Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling

We offer this graduate certificate for mental health and addictions treatment professionals. Individuals with this certificate can not only better serve their clients, but also increase their employment options. Mental health professionals need additional training in addictions counseling to provide services for clients struggling with this issue. Addictions professionals increasingly need graduate-level studies and graduate degrees to either qualify for treatment positions or to advance into program administration.


  • An opportunity to continue your education in a way that demonstrates your initiative and interest to employers and increases your knowledge
  • Graduate-level sequence of classes that organizes knowledge and information relevant to one aspect of a discipline
  • Successful performance in a graduate certificate program can be applied to a master's degree program in the same discipline

General Information

The PSU Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling is an academic series of courses providing a broad overview of addictions counseling, concepts of treatment, and clinical skills. It can also be taken as a noncredit Certificate of Completion.

This certificate program is designed to help meet the course requirements for specialty certification through NAADAC, NBCC, NASW, and CADC I through ACCBO. Check with your respective professional association for their complete requirements.

This certificate prepares participants for work with clients struggling with addiction. The program is intended for mental health and addictions treatment professionals in the community and graduate students in related fields. It enables participants to acquire training and education in science-based practices and provides the knowledge essential to working with addicted populations.

Licensed mental health professionals, such as social workers or professional counselors, can greatly increase their employment opportunities by obtaining addictions treatment training. Many addiction treatment programs are beginning to require a master's degree as a minimum qualification for hiring, as well as training and education in addictions treatment. It has also become increasingly important for healthcare professionals to have the ability to work with clients who present both mental health and addiction issues.

Designed for:

  • Counselors and therapists
  • Clinical social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses
  • Students in graduate social service, mental health, and healthcare programs, including social work, counseling, school counseling, and community health.

The courses are designed as an informal cohort program with participants beginning together with the first course and continuing through the program on the same schedule. Most courses are a prerequisite for the following courses. 

The Graduate Certificate or Certificate of Completion in Addictions Counseling is presented on successful completion of the program.

Documentation is issued after the completion of each course for licensed mental healthcare professionals needing to verify contact hours of academic or continuing professional education in the treatment of alcohol—and drug-related disorders as required by OAR 415-51-057 (3).

For program advising, please call 503-725-8165.

Length of Program
Intended time to complete: Approximately 6 terms

Jobs related to this program
Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors: 21-1012


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