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Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Research


Faculty contact information is listed in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

Chris Berger Research Assistant Professor Water quality modeling of lakes, estuaries, and rivers; hydrodynamic modeling, numerical methods
Bill Fish Associate Professor Transformation and transport of heavy metals and other contaminants in soil, surface water, sediment, and groundwater systems; treatment of stormwater and wastewater
David Jay Professor Tidal analysis, fluid mechanics research on the impact of the Columbia River plume on oceanic dynamics as they relate to tides, fish migration up the Columbia, and impacts of dams and dikes on fish habitat in the lower Columbia River
Gwynn Johnson Associate Professor Groundwater hydrology, subsurface contaminant transport and fate, and environmental chemistry
Christopher Mooers Research Professor Ocean prediction science, coastal ocean systems engineering, coastal ocean circulation dynamics, circulation of marginal and semi-enclosed seas, mesoscale oceanography (meandering jets, mesoscale eddies, and ocean fronts); regional circulation models, interface between models and observations (model-data comparisons, model skill assessments, data assimilation, nowcast-forecast experiments); shelfbreak processes; inertial-internal waves and tides; coastally-trapped waves
Hamid Moradkhani Associate Professor Inverse modeling and data assimilation, hydrologic and hydraulics modeling, uncertainty quantification, risk analysis, hydroinformatics, remote sensing, climate change impact assessment, extreme event analysis, water resources management 
Jim Pankow Professor Design of autonomous water samplers for surface waters, gas/particle (G/P) partitioning, air quality model development, chemistry of tobacco products
Stefan Talke Assistant Professor Tidal processes, sediment transport, storm surge, mixing and turbulence, causes and consequences of long term change in estuaries
Scott Wells Professor Surface water quality and hydrodynamic modeling, fluid particle dynamics
Ed Zaron Research Assistant Professor Geophysical fluid dynamics, deep ocean and coastal tides, satellite altimetry, and marine geodesy