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Environmental and Water Resources

Faculty in this specialty area are engaged in active research in a number of areas including surface water hydrology, state-of-the-art remote sensing data assimilation, climate change, coastal processes, hydrodynamic and water quality modeling,  groundwater contaminant transport modeling and remediation, fate and transport of toxics, and state-of-the-art trace analysis of toxic contaminants and tracer species of interest.

Research Facilities

The Environmental and Water Resources group utilizes 9 new laboratory facilities in the NW Center for Science and Technology. These laboratories include:

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory – undergraduate laboratory for Junior level Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students. Experiments are performed to acquaint students with the theory and practice of fluid statics and dynamics.
  • Hydraulics Laboratory – undergraduate laboratory for Junior level Civil and Environmental Engineering students studying principles of open channel flow (subcritical and critical flow, hydraulic jumps, flow measurement), enclosed flows in pressure conduits, pump characteristic curves.
  • Hydraulic Research Laboratory– research laboratory on open-channel flow dynamics using a research flume.
  • Environmental Laboratory A and B – these are research laboratories for wet-chemistry in the study of toxics in the environment.
  • Environmental Laboratory C – research laboratory for fluid mechanical research on the impact of the Columbia River plume on oceanic dynamics as they relate to tides, fish migration up the Columbia, and impacts of dams and dikes on fish habitat in the lower Columbia River.
  • Water Quality Modeling Laboratory – research laboratory developing water quality and hydrodynamic models of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuary systems.
  • Environmental Laboratory D – research laboratory on fluid particle separation, mixing, and settling dynamics in lakes/reservoirs and in storm water capture/removal.
  • Hydrology laboratory – research into hydrological processes. This laboratory features the rainwater treatment system providing physical and chemical treatment of rainwater collected on the building roof for use in the building.

Research Assistantship Opportunities

The faculty websites listed above contain details about current and previous research projects, students and activities. We moved into brand new state-of-the-art laboratories and office space in January 2006. We have MANY opportunities for qualified graduate students. Any of the faculty would be more than glad to answer any questions you might have about the program, the assistantship package we can offer you, and living in Portland. Finally, the water resources and environmental engineering group has funding available that could help support a visit to our campus for well qualified graduate students.

Placement After Graduation

Our students and graduates easily find excellent internship and permanent employment opportunities with water and evironmental agencies and consulting firms in the Portland region, in Oregon or along the West Coast.