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Relationship Based Visitation


Relationship Based Visitation (also known as “RBV”) is a demonstration program that provides a NEW SERVICE for eligible DHS families.  The service is provided by local agencies, and consists of individualized parent education and coaching that occurs during a parent-child visit.  

This service is provided by a local community agency and consists of a parent
education and coaching program custom designed to fit families’ specific needs and interests.  When parents participate in the service parents will be working one on one with a parent educator/coach before, during and after visits with your child(ren). 

RBV uses a nationally recognized program, called the Nurturing Parenting Program, to help parents develop and enhance your parenting knowledge and skills in a number of areas including:

  • The growth and development of children,
  • Managing anger and stress,
  • Managing and communicating feelings,
  • Understanding and using discipline,
  • Developing empathy, and Establishing nurturing routines.


Information for Caseworkers

Information for Parents

Research Findings

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