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Family Voice

Successful implementation of Family Connections Oregon requires the voice and leadership of families who have been part of the child welfare system.  Family expertise is required in planning for individual children and families, and family expertise is needed to inform policy formation and systems change.   Part of the Family Connections Oregon funding supports Morrison Child and Family Services in the creation of a Parent Leadership program at the state level.  It will build on the lessons learned and parental expertise developed through their already-successful Parent Mentoring Programs. 

As a partner in Family Connections Oregon, Morrison Child and Family Services will provide the following:

  • Selection and support for family leaders to serve on local and state task forces 
  • Training and development for family leaders in the following: 
    • Strategic sharing
    • Awareness of policy issues that impact parents/families involved in the child welfare system
  • Mobilization of parent input on policy issues as they arise
  • The formation of a statewide parent Leadership organization to advise Oregon child welfare by the end of the three-year funding period

For additional information, please contact Morrison Family Services: