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Family Connections Oregon

The vision of Family Connections Oregon is that every child who comes to the attention of child welfare be connected, healed, and safe within the context of lifelong family and cultural ties.

Family ties matter.

At times like these, it’s never been clearer how much our children benefit from strong, safe, and nurturing family connections. The future of our state depends on a contributing, diverse and capable citizenry; family connections are key to this future. To this end, the Department of Human Services (DHS) is pleased to announce the award of “Family Connections Oregon”, a three-year grant designed to strengthen connections for all children in care. This grant from the US Children’s Bureau is be implemented through the Child Welfare Partnership with Portland State University’s School of Social Work. View the core components of the Family Connections Oregon model >>

The goal of Family Connections Oregon is to demonstrate the effectiveness of combined Family Find and Family Team Meetings while addressing infrastructure barriers and installing supports for implementation and sustainability statewide. For an inspiring story of one young man’s journey to connect with family, view the video below.


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