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Child Welfare: Substance Abuse


FIT for Recovery Evaluation/Regional Partnership Grants

The FIT for Recovery program is a collaboration between child welfare, 6 substance abuse treatment providers, Volunteers of America, Morrison Center Parent Mentors, Family Recovery Support and Juvenile Court in Multnomah County Oregon. The goal of FIT is to promote timely access to appropriate services and to provide support for parents both during and after their substance abuse treatment- thereby promoting positive child welfare outcomes for families and children.

The evaluation of FIT employs a comparison group design and utilizes SACWIS and Oregon substance abuse treatment data to answer the following research questions:

What is the impact of FIT on:

v Time to substance abuse treatment entry

v Length of stay in substance abuse treatment

v Retention in substance abuse treatment

v Rates of successful treatment exits

v Time to permanency

v Rate of reunification

v Length of stay in foster care

v Re-entry into foster care

v Reports of founded abuse


Funding:       Children’s Bureau
Start Date:     2007 
Contact:        Carrie Furrer



Robert Wood Johnson Substance Abusing Parents and ASFA Project

An examination of the influence of ASFA timelines on child welfare systems, substance abuse treatment systems, and legal systems, and on key child welfare and treatment outcomes such as reunification, time to treatment and treatment completion. There are five monographs available: Accessing Substance Abuse Treatment: Issues for Parents Involved with Child Welfare; Is the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) Influencing Child Welfare Outcomes for Families with Substance Abuse Issues?; Does Substance Abuse Treatment Make A Difference for Child Welfare Case Outcomes? A Statewide Longitudinal Analysis; What’s All the Fuss About? Collaboration Between Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Treatment; and Understanding patterns of substance abuse treatment services for women involved with the child welfare system: influences of family characteristics and social policy.


Funding:       Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Start Date:     2001
End Date:      2004