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Graduate/Professional School

Are you thinking about applying to graduate school?

Portland State University has resources and services to help you with decision-making and the application process. Career counselors and advisers, or faculty members in your program can help you confirm your career goal, research the appropriate educational path, learn how to identify graduate/professional school programs and write statements of purpose, as well as prepare for a graduate/professional school interview. Please explore the topics below to become more familiar with the process of selecting and applying for a graduate program.  

Advising and Career Services is a resource for students interested in Graduate or Professional School:

Appointments with our Academic and Career Advisers: Get to know our team, read our profiles!

  • Career Counseling 
  • Personal Essay and Statement of Purpose reviews and critiques
  • Advice on Writing Samples
  • Application Process assistance

      Workshops and Classes: Click here to see a schedule of offerings. Coming in September: Should I go to Graduate School?

      Resources on this site:

    Identifying Programs

    • Peterson’s Guide to graduate schools, profiles accredited masters and doctoral programs; able to sort by program, region, etc.
    • All About Grad — Directory of graduate schools in the U.S., focusing on business schools, engineering schools, law schools, and medical schools.
    • All Engineering Schools — Directory of engineering schools. Search by type of degrees, programs, and specialties.
    • Grad — Directory of 18,000 graduate and post-graduate programs worldwide, including descriptions, contact information and institutional advertising.
    • E-Learners — Directory of online graduate and undergraduate degrees, classes, and certificate programs.

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    Identifying Programs through Faculty

    • Talk to faculty in your discipline of interest. Ask them to recommend graduate programs; ask faculty for feedback on programs you're considering.
    • You may also be able to identify relevant graduate programs by reading scholarly papers, articles, and books that are a direct 'fit' with your academic areas of interest. Identify faculty by name and current institutional affiliation. Read the authors' vitaes to identify their educational paths — where did they obtain their academic training?
    • If you attend professional conferences, you may be able to identify faculty with whom you share academic interests. Ask which workshop and keynote presenters engaged you and challenged you to want to learn more; ask where do they teach/do their research; ask where they did their graduate work?
    • Google the faculty names/institutions, read their faculty bios, and read some more of their work. Then contact them and ask them about their program, letting them know that you have read and appreciate their work.

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    Writing the Personal Statement/Application Essay

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    Preparing for Grad School Interviews

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