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Earning Academic Credit

Earning Academic Credit

Students may be eligible to earn academic credit for internships, however, in most cases this is optional. It should be noted that Employers cannot directly offer or guarantee academic credit for their internship. Instead, Portland State students are required use the Credit by Arrangement process, in which they must identify a faculty or academic sponsor who is willing to oversee the internship and verify its creditworthiness.

Also note that students must pay for the number of credits they earn, just as they would for a course. Internships are generally limited to four credits (there may be exceptions). The number of credit hours earned and the resulting cost to the student is relative to the number of hours spent working in an internship. For example, a total of 40 hours of internship work is required to earn one academic credit (4 hours per week over 10 weeks). Students opting to earn between two and four credits should expect to work approximately 80-160 internship hours over one or two terms.

PSU STUDENTS interested in learning about how to earn academic credit for internships, should review PSU Students: Earning Credit for Internships

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