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“This is one of the rare classes where we have a chance to work with a real business owner. It really did change my perspective about entrepreneurship along with real-life problems that small business owners have to face every day. It all inspired me as a student.”
-Phu Sai

Small Business Consulting Course

A student gives a presentation on web-based marketing strategies.


The PSU Business Outreach Program Small Business Consulting course provides undergraduate business students the opportunity to learn how to be business consultants, while adding a valuable contribution to small businesses in the community (BOP clients). As a practicum course, Small Business Consulting offers a unique and dynamic experience, providing students with an opportunity for community-based learning while supporting the University's motto to "Let Knowledge Serve the City," and demonstrating how students and the community can come together to learn and accomplish goals.




This course combines lectures, guest speakers, class discussions, and an in-depth consulting project. Student teams of three to four members will work with a local small business to develop a final consulting report, including in-depth research and recommendations. Student teams are mentored through this process by the instructor and the client's BOP Business Advisors. Students have an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to a business through their role as a consultant.

Courses offered:

  • Fall: 4 credit - Small Business Consulting (Main Campus)
  • Winter: 4- credit - Small Business Consulting (Main Campus)
  • Spring: 4 credit - Small Business Consulting (Main Campus)

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how to analyze a small business.
  • Students will learn how to form an action plan to assist a small business.
  • Students will learn how to research an industry at both micro and macro levels.
  • Students will improve their assessment, analytical and consulting skills. 
  • Students will improve their communication skills.
  • Students will improve their ability to work on a team.