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What experience do I need to have to take the Advanced Digital Strategies courses and certificate?

To take the advanced DMS courses, students should have an intermediate level of understanding of digital marketing, with several years experience working in the industry, or have successfully completed the Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate course.


What does this mean? If you have not completed the Digital Marketing Strategies certificate course, CEPE recommends the following:

  • Students should be using digital marketing on a daily basis with their current position and/or have a developed profile in various online platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) and they should also understand other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you are not present on those spaces, you should know why you are not using them. Students should have an understanding of and use tools to assist with posts, interactions and insights (tweetdeck, hootsuite, sprout, raven, etc)
  • Students should be familiar with running paid media campaigns on various platforms, segment their markets and target who they need (AdWords, Bing, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Students should understand where they audience is and what segments they are targeting, but need/want to learn how to dive deeper into those areas and learn about new potential target markets.
  • Students should be aware of Marketing basics, with working definitions of Brand, Offering, Messaging, Customer Segmentation, and Awareness.
  • Students should be able to analyze and understand where their traffic is coming from (whether they use google analytics or another tool), and need to know how to gain more information from these tools. 

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