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Meet Professor Karen Marrongelle
Meet Professor Karen Marrongelle

Professor Karen Marrongelle received her Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in 2001 and joined the PSU Mathematics faculty that same year. Her research interests include the learning and teaching of undergraduate mathematics, mathematics teacher professional development, and integrated mathematics and science education . For the past several years her work has focused on investigating the learning and teaching of dynamical systems.

Professor Marrongelle is a frequent presenter at professional meetings and has published extensively. Her book chapter, "Studio Calculus/Physics: Interdisciplinary Mathematics with Active Learning," appeared in Integrated Mathematics: Choices and Challenges (2003). Recent examples of journal articles include: "Context, Examples, and Language: Students Uses of Physics to Reason about Calculus," in School Science and Mathematics (2004), and soon to be published, "Making Mathematics more Meaningful: Drawing on what Students Know about the Physical World," in The Mathematics Teacher. Recently she contributed to the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum that draws on her research regarding how students combine calculus and physics to better understand each subject.

Currently Professor Marrongelle is a co-principle Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant of $4,999,947.00 for the Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute Partnership, a five-year project involving 10 Oregon school districts, 180 K-12 teachers of mathematics and 98 school and district administrators. The project is aimed at increasing the mathematics achievement of K-12 students by creating sustainable and generative leadership capacity within the ten partner school districts. She also has secured several smaller grants.

Professor Marrongelle's interest in mathematics teaching contributes to her success in the classroom. By staying current on the research literature she is able to integrate innovative teaching techniques with new ideas about her subject so that each class is a fresh undertaking. Because she firmly believes that classroom activities should focus on the students and their sense-making, she strives to make the classroom a place where students can explore ideas, collaborate with peers and investigate mathematics in a non-threatening environment. In Professor Marrongelle's view, the classroom must be a lively place where the teacher understands her responsibility to create experiences for students to reason about, justify and defend their mathematical thinking.

Name: Karen Marrongelle
Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics
office: 325 NH
phone: 503-725-4833