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Turiya Autry Curriculum Vitae


Portland State University       

MA in Creative Writing                                

Special Interests: Poetry, Screenwriting, African & Diaspora Literature

BS in Speech Communications                 

Special Interests: Race, Class, Gender Intersections with Media, Communication & Culture

Minor in Technical Writing


San Francisco State University

General Education                                      

Special Interests: Black Studies, Film and Business                              


Employment History


Portland State University


Black Studies and Women Studies Departments                                                Fall 2003-  Present

            Adjunct/ Fixed Term Faculty

Courses Taught: BST 207 Introduction to Race, Class and Gender, BST 221 Introduction to African American Literature, WS 330 Women of Color in the US, WS 332U Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, BST 351U African American Literature, BST 342 Black Feminism/ Womanism, BST 407 Seminar: Spoken Word & Hip Hop as Resistance, BST 410 Popular Cinema: The Hip-Hop Generation, BST 411 Hip-Hop and Contemporary Social Issues, BST 419U African American Women in America, BST 411 Seminar: Hip Hop Film, BST 411 Race and  Gender in Science Fiction Film,  BST 424U African American Cinema

English Department                                                                                           Fall 1999-  April 2001
Graduate Assistant/ Instructor                                             

Courses Taught: Beginning Poetry Writing and Introduction to Technical Writing.


            University Studies                                                                                            Fall 1997- Spring 1999

            Undergraduate Assistant/ Instructor

Course Taught: Life's Labors the Value of Work and Play


Roster Artist


Caldera, Community of Writers, Writers in the Schools, Young Audiences

With the above organizations I provide workshops and assembly performances to 4th -12th grade students throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Visits include assembly visits and workshops ranging from week-long residencies to semester courses to academic year-long after school programs.



Self Employment                                                                                


            Formerly: Poetry Off the Page Productions                                            August 1996-  Fall 2008

Now:                                                                                        Fall 2008- Present

            Host, fundraise, organize, publicize, perform and book talent for events through schools, organizations & businesses as an independent contractor and/or volunteer. Touring, self     publishing, sales, promotions, marketing and providing workshops and artist visits.


            Good Sista/ Bad Sista Productions  &                                                      February 1999- Present                    Womb Dialectic                                                                                                   August 2000- 2004

            Touring and performing as featured artists and educators for audiences ranging from 10-20,000 people, elementary school age to college. Emphasis on awareness, resistance, identity,    affirmation and motivation through creative performance art.



Schools Visited


Elementary Schools


Bridger    Week long in class writing residency

Clark    Week long in class writing residency

Glencoe   Week long in class residency and poetry slam 

Knight   Week long in class writing residency

Lent   Week long in class writing residency

Markham   10-week workshops on: Writing, Elements of Hip-Hop, Computer Basics & Jewelry


Marysville   Week long in class writing residency

Oceanlake   Week long in class writing residency, Write Nite workshop

Rosa Parks  Twice-weekly after school writer's club for entire academic year, monthly parent

                       writing workshops & Write Nite workshop

Willamette Primary  Week long in class writing residency



Middle Schools


Athey Creek Girls Night Out Assembly, Workshops with 8th graders

Beaumont Week-long in class writing residency

Beach Week-long in class writing residency

Clark/Binnesmeade Week-long in class writing residency

DaVinci Assemblies & Workshop Series, Entire School in class Residencies 

Fernwood Assembly & Workshop Series

Fowler Several Week-long in class writing Residencies

Hazlebrook Week-long in class writing Residency

HB Lee Week-long in class writing Residency 

Jackson Assembly, Artist Visits, Girls Night Out performances & workshops

Laurelhurst  Assembly Performance

Ockley Green  Artist Visit, week-long in class Residency

Open Meadow Several Workshop Series

Portsmouth Weekly after school writing workshops for two academic years

Robert Gray  Artist Visit & in Class Presentation

Rowe Assemblies, Class Presentations & Artist Visits

Self Enhancement Inc. Artist Visits, Writing & Hip-Hop Workshops, week-long in class Residency

St Helens Assembly & week-long in class Residency




High Schools


Alternative School   Minneapolis Workshop & performance

Beaverton Alternative   Artist Visit & Presentation

Benson   Artist Visit & Presentation

Cascade Academy   Assembly Presentation

Churchill   Assembly Presentations, Discussions and Workshop

Grant   Artist Visit, in class presentations, workshops

Jefferson   Assembly Presentation, Workshop Series, Semester Length Writing Residency &

          Community Events

Lawrenceville   Preparatory Assembly & Class Presentations

Lincoln   Semester Length Writing Residency

Madison   Write Nite Workshop, Assembly Performance Semester Length Writing Residency

McCoy Academy   Artist Visit & Presentation

Merlo Station   Assembly Performance, Workshop

Milwaukie   Class Visit & Workshops

Northwest Regional Treatment Center   Artist Visit & Presentation

Outside/In   Workshop & Presentation

Pacific Academy   Assembly Presentation

Roosevelt   Assembly Performances, Semester Length Writing Residency

SE Works   Workshop series

Springdale Job Corp   Assembly performance

Vancouver School of Arts and Academics  (6th -12th) Assembly performance & week-long in

          class Residency

Wilson   Artist Visit and Presentations, Semester Length Writing Residency

Youth Opportunity   Artist Visit & Presentation


Colleges and Universities


Alfred University   Headliner

Cheney College   Third World Coalition Conference

Clackamas Community College   Workshop and Performance

Clark Community College   Headline Performances, Conference Presentation &  Workshop

Colorado College Keynote Speaker, Featured Artist

Haverford College Headline Performance, Conference

Lane Community College Art and Community Building Workshop and Feature Performance

Lewis & Clark College MC, Headline Performances, Featured Artist, Event Organizing

Macalester College Headliner and Featured Performance

New York University Class Presentation & Performance

Oregon State University Oregon Students of Color Coalition Conference Performances  &


Portland State University Headline Performances, Artist Class Visits & Presentations,  Panel

          Speaker, MC & Event Organizing

Portland Community College Sylvania & Cascade Campuses Panel Speaker, Headline

          Performances, Featured Artist Visits, Event Organizing

Reed College  Headline Performances, Event Organizing

San Francisco State University Event MC & Presenter

Temple University Artist Class Visit, Presentation, Radio Show Guest

University of Oregon Headline Performances, Featured Artist Visits, Workshops & Event


UC Santa Cruz Featured Artist

University of New Hampshire  Featured Artist Performances

University of Portland Featured Artist Performance

Western Oregon University Workshop for Educators



Publications & Recordings


Written Collections



            Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution (2007) ed. Alix Olson

            Quotable Rebel (2005) ed. Teishan Latner


Self Published

Good Sista/ Bad Sista: Action Packed* (2003 remix)           

Cycles   (2002)    

Good Sista/ Bad Sista: Can You Tell the Difference?* (2001)

In The Beginning... (2000)                             

(*with co-editor/ co-author Walidah Imarisha)


Audio Recordings


           "Switch" Environmental PSA airing internationally for MTV- narration (2007)

"Psychopath Society" Sucka Punch: Intro Poem (2005)

            "Reclamation" STRUGGLUH Mic Crenshaw  (2003)

AWOL Magazine Issue #2  & Issue #3 (2002, 2004)

            "No You Don't Know Me" by Good Sista/ Bad Sista & "Reclamation" by Womb Dialectic

Multi-Voice Showcase: National Poetry Slam Live CD  (2000)

            "Political Man" by Good Sista/ Bad Sista: Turiya Autry & Walidah Imarisha


Video Recordings


            American Passages: A Literary Survey (Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Episode #15 Poetry of Liberation- scenes with Good Sista/ Bad Sista

Art Beat (OPB) Feature story on Good Sista/ Bad Sista

Financial Aid Special (OPB) Intern Producer of Interview Segment

Little City, Big Hip-Hop (Documentary) Featured Artist

Oregon Field Guide (OPB) Intern Producer of Featured Segment

Portland Cable Access Live and prerecorded interviews and performances

The Travel Channel's Tourist Show Featured Artist

University Studies Capstone Informational Video- Narrator, Assistant Writer


Magazine & Periodicals


Alliance Newspaper "No You Don't Know Me" by Good Sista/ Bad Sista

            Altar Magazine CD Reviews

AWOL Magazine #2 Interview article on THE COUP (w/ Imarisha)

Lid, The Litmag "Highway One: South" from In The Beginning...

Nervy Girl Magazine: "An Hour in Front of the Mirror" from In The Beginning...

Oregon Literary Review: "Growing Galaxies" & "Undercurrents"

Oregonian: Editorial ‘From Traffic Stop to Tragedy'

Rearguard Newspaper: "Paper Money" from In The Beginning...

& Interview article on THE COUP (w/ Imarisha)

SpokenVizions Magazine: 4 page feature article on Good Sista/Bad Sista

Ugly Planet Magazine: Article on Rock N Roll Girls Camp